Ticats sign QB Jalen Morton and LB Corey Thompson

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have signed a pair of Americans, in quarterback Jalen Morton and linebacker Corey Thompson. Morton has completed his quarantine process and will join the team’s practice squad, while Thompson has been moved to the suspended list while he completes his quarantine period.

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Is the Masoli experiment over?
Is the Dane experiment over?
Is the Watford experiment over?

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Can someone tell me the real medical status of both Masoli and Evans? I am concerned for both and hope they can return - the Cats' season depends on this.

Evans is on the 6 game IL with a "lower body injury", and Masoli is dressing, but only available for emergency duty because of an ongoing rib injury.

THANKS for your response. I don't believe I asked the question clearly enough - with the hiring of a new QB, is this a sign that one, or perhaps even both are not expected to return? I too have heard about the injuries of Masoli and Evans, but with the hiring of Morton it concerns me.

With Evans out for6 games they need a third QB