Ticats sign QB Brohm

http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=420925 :cowboy:

Was on WPG's neg list. Like any import QB with no CFL experience the extra defender and width of field can be huge obstacles to overcome - many can't handle it.
Has the arm strength but can he scramble.

According to Drew's Scratching Post:

He played in three games with Buffalo in 2009 and 2010. His career stats: 27 for 52, 252 yards, 0 TD, 5 INT, 26.0 rating

Those NFL stats are pretty brutal. I hope Austin sees some upside to this signing.

Good stats in limited / garbage time wouldn't have meant much either. Hell, Kevin Eakin had "good" NFL stats. Some are better suited for the CFL and some arent and NFL often isnt a good indicator.

If it weren't for Kent Austin's career in this league as a Grey Cup winning quarterback, I would seriously question the wisdom of signing Brohm.

Perhaps, this is just a training camp look see.

Brohm is a pretty solid QB prospect. Good size, arm strength, athletic ability, smart. He's a bonafide option to take over for Henry when he eventually hangs 'em up.

I look forward to seeing him at mini camp & hopefully training camp.

His wiki bio is quite interesting & impressive.


Thanks for the link, I noticed he was backing up Chase Clement in the UFL the last two seasons. Also getting drafted in the second round is pretty impressive, I know that doesn't mean your going to be a good QB but people saw something in him and he was still getting workouts with NFL teams up until last year so people must still like something.

52 passes worth of stats is nothing to base any QB on. That is only about one games worth of passes for a CFL QB.

Here is a 2008 scouting report I found which is quite telling:


The summary is basically that he has great size and a good arm but is a bit injury prone.

He also appears to have some baseball talent as well. From his scouting report:
"Was selected by the Colorado Rockies in the 49th round of the 2004 MLB amateur draft."

Camp fodder.

A good read about Brohm at the Mini Camp going on right now and about Williams absence

[url=http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/football/lions/Former+quarterback+Brian+Brohm+signs+with+Hamilton/8257019/story.html]http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/foot ... story.html[/url]

Thanks Grover and Zenstate for the links. :thup:

I think I'll take Kent Austin's opinion on things before any other's. He seems to like what he sees in Brohm and if he sticks through training camp, may get a chance to develop. His comments on Williams lead me to think that there may be something worked out on that end too.

Camp fodder?
I wouldn't be surprised if your Kitty Cats end up keeping all 3 young QB's.
Now while Austin's GM abilities is a complete unknown right now he does now QB's especially CFL calibre QB's and how to train/work with them.
If this guy will turn out who knows, but like basically 99 out of 100 import CFL QB's he will need a season carrying a clipboard learning the game before even considering putting into a meaningful game.

As for his ability to scramble/make throws. it sounds like he has the arm to make the throws and by the sounds of it he has a slight leg up on most American QB's because he's been watching the CFL for awhile now, he doesn't look to be too mobile, but neither was Danny Mac or is AC so that won't hold him back if he can make quick reads.