Ticats sign QB Antonio Pipkin

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced on Tuesday that they have signed American quarterback Antonio Pipkin.

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Well, I guess that settles the question I had about Taylor Powell has a starter over the long run.

What is Hamilton doing with Kai Locklsley? Pure wide receiver? They now have 6 QB on the roster, 2 hurt, 1 suspended, and 3 active.

Locksley #2, behind Powell, ahead of Pipkin.

Could have signed O’Connor !

With the number of QB’s getting hurt and going on the 6 game … i.suspect O’Connor will.be signed soon … as will every servicibale QB with any CFL experience

Othet than MBT which will end up as a NFL third dressed QB this season

Use the players you have keep bringing in people going to take a while to learn the system seem to have lots on the roster

The power of hindsight or is it simple deduction before the season started Evans is looking mighty good right now. Evans did play as good or better than Bo Levi Mitchell last season. :sunglasses: :+1:

Did BC release him or what happened?

If he hasn’t been signed by this time, there has to something up. Has he given up the game? It sure looks like it!

Evans is still with the BC Lions.

Talk about bad luck - how often has an injured QB happened to Hamilton over the past 4-5 years? Yearly! This could be the end of their season and having a chance to place in the play-offs. I hope not - but right now it is a depressing sight for Cat fans.

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I believe he was referring to Pipkin , not Evans .

Yeah, I was referring to Pipkin … but I got him mixed up with Dominique Davis. Oops. Too many former Als QBs :smile: .

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Who knows? Pipkin may not be the starter. Look what happened in Ottawa, Crum is thrown in and looked great in the second half against the Bombers.
Arbuckle would have been the starter this week after getting over his injury but Crum will continue until/if he falters.
If Powell plays good he stays in there, he knows the offense. Pipkin comes in if it really gets bad

Trust me . It would have to get extremely bad for Pipkin to come in .

I think Locksley gets in before Pipkin does. . . this week anyway.

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Only for short yardage plays

Oh agreed. But if the worst happens and Powell goes down. . . then I think Locksley is the next man up, he’s got a little more familiarity with the playbook than Pipkin will have at this point.

The way things are going with QB injuries in the CFL, you have to plan for it

Short yardage plays are basically the only thing that Pipkin and Locksley are good at it .