Ticats sign P Jon Ryan, K Seth Small

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have signed national punter Jon Ryan and American kicker Seth Small, as part of a number of transactions on Sunday.

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Yea it all falls into place ...getting a punter will ensure a grey cup win

So why was Ryan a free agent? Did Sask lose confidence in their homegrown kicker?

Exactly what I was wondering. How is he not playing in Regina? I thought he had retired....

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In my mind, one of the best punters, period. Still remember those early years in Winnipeg and watching punts continually go over returners heads, was a lot of fun to watch and hope he has a good year in Hamilton


One of those age things? I also recall he might have had a leg injury too and it seems they found a younger less $$ rookie

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I'm still peeved that the Riders didn't offer Ryan a renewal. Thanks for picking him up. He's a good guy.


I think it was that they got a global guy almost as good but at much lower cost.

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In football you gotta be looking down the road... Ryan is old by the standards ... He was old for the NFL when he came back here
That numbers game caught up with him when a young kicker came to camp and looks to have a long shelf life???

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OK - I am happy to see The Cats wanting to improve the team - but I am not sure if these moves are what is really needed. Somehow Evans has to calm down and stop with the turnovers - the kicking game is only important if you can score TDs - so far that has been the problem. The Offence is in trouble - just no zip, nor imagination. What did the Cats do to replace Banks and Masoli? - NOTHING! That is the problem. Is Steinhauer still the man? I hope so!

The moment Hamilton adds another import to their perennially league worst offensive line will be the EXACT moment they add "what is really needed".

I guess we got what we paid for, in this case, a much lower cost but nowheres close to as good as Ryan is.

Time will tell .. punters usually stick with one team for many many years if they be good

@Capital_Dave @rider01.1

Money? Age? You’re both right according to the piece below.

Dickenson: “We feel like Vedvik’s got a big-time ceiling, he’s going to be a great player in this league. He can kick-off in addition to punt and hold. Is he as polished as Jon? No, but he’s 13 years younger and he’s got less salary, that is a fact.


Hey I love Ryan but the dude is 40 and costs more so you gotta make business decisions not personal ones.