Ticats sign Olympic medalist sprinter Akeem Haynes

Ticats sign Olympic medalist sprinter Akeem Haynes

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have signed Canadian Olympic sprinter Akeem Haynes, per sources.
The 25-year-old was the lead runner for Canada’s 4×100 metre relay team in Rio de Janeiro and took home a bronze medal.

His personal best 100-metre time is 10.15 seconds, which came in 2015.


See if Speedy can beat him over 40 yard in full gear with a football in his hands:)

A legimate prospect, or just another Canadian kid to run up and down the sidelines and never see the ball come his way?

Could be a good half time show …Akeem Haynes and Ben Johnson racing around the perimeter of thefield, that’s why they signed him right? Ben Johnson was on our neg list a decade ago ,entertainment at half time again…good

Does anyone remember the Cats signing Milt Campbell in 1958 . He was the gold medal winner of the decathlon at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics . I remember the first time that he touched the ball in Hamilton, he ran for a touchdown . The man was big and the man was fast . He had been with the Browns in the land of Cleve but the coach ( Paul Brown) had some other running back he thought was pretty good . Thatman was Jim Brown. He was big and he was fast . Big and fast can't be taught but it must be fun coaching it .

Pat Lynch (the old guy who can remember 1958 but can't remember what he had for lunch yesterday)

Hope he lasts one try out longer than Ben Johnson

what position on a football field he's going to play??

"The 5-foot-7, 170-pound speedster worked out with the Calgary Stampeders in October as a receiver/kick returner."