Ticats sign new receiver...

Ticats sign new receiver
Rick Zamperin

The Tiger-Cats have signed import receiver Brandon Middleton.

The 25-year old Middleton is a 5-10, 190-pound native of Waterloo, Iowa.

He spent the past two seasons with the Detroit Lions.

In 13 games with the Lions, Middleton recorded 9 receptions for 93 yards and a touchdown.

He also returned 43 kickoffs for 947 yards.

The Houston product has also played with the St. Louis Rams and Dallas Cowboys as well as NFL Europe's Rhein Fire, Berlin Thunder and Frankfurt Galaxy.

New that was coming, sounds like a good receiver. Hopefully get to see him play in a week or so.

I think you'll see him first as a returner.

True true. I'm guessing he'll field returns against Calgary whilst McDaniel and Currie play the O.

On one days Practice ?

I hope not

Bruce was stuck on return duties after one day's practice was he not? Besides not too much difference between returning kicks here and in the NFL besides the fair catch.

It's true that he could return kicks after not too much practice, but given the lack of roster space for import receivers, he has to be able to back up at receiver as well. If Davis is gone, then there's only one spot open, so James and Currie are probably first in line. Unless Rodriguez is injured too.

Rodriguez will probably be out so my guess is McDaniel will take his spot, Currie will take Davis' spot and room will be made for Middleton to return kicks.

Ummmm...here's what's involved.

  1. Go back forty-five yards or so with special team's play call (that really isn't rocket science in difference from team to team).

  2. Look in the sky for leather object descending in an arc.

  3. Field ball.

  4. Look at coverage team's coverage and spot seam(s) in that coverage.

  5. RUN forward through seams, identifying lead blockers in process.

To suggest that returners need a full week of practice is a bit much. Historically, returners get inserted way faster than a scrimmage player upon arrival to a new team. A football scouting department has this guy's tape and/or have scouted this guy personally. Unless he fails the physical for reasons of lead hands, club foot, Commander-Pike-of-Star-Trek-like cart, peg leg, etc., I am comfy with that spectre.


Which one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spectre_(comics)

or: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPECTRE

I hoping the Put Terry on the Roster ..
We need a Change of Pace Plus he can Return Kicks

Mr Z better get his calculator fixed.
Has his birthdate listed at January 2, 1981.

I hope with Davis cut they give Ball a chance.
I have him visioned as a faster David Stala perfectly suited to our game.

Hope he can really upgrade our kick returns? at least to start Friday!

I posted some vid of Middleton on my page..

Danny Mcmannus can be considered a faster versoin of Dave Stalla lol.

The signing of a former 2008 Detroit lion player is nothing to get excited about.

The kid is Fast He Replace Roy willams When he down a few years ago.
He got a 50 Yard Bomb in Preseason from Drew Station
I have link to that vid on site ..

He worth a Look Trust me

Giguere must be a long way off. :wink:

Hehe that's what I thought! :lol:

Give the guy a chance... hopefully O'Bie is right and he is better. :wink:

That is the hope.