Ticats sign new LB


Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed import linebacker Derrick Pope.

Pope, a 6-0, 232-pound native of Galveston, Texas was drafted by the Miami Dolphins in the seventh round of the 2004 NFL Draft. After four seasons (2004-07) in Miami, where he recorded 147 tackles, two quarterback sacks, two forced fumbles and two interceptions in 55 games, Pope signed with the Minnesota Vikings before the 2008 season. He attended training camp and was released by the Vikings on August 25, 2008.

Before turning pro, Pope spent two seasons at Alabama, earning an All-SEC selection in 2003."

Found here: http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-sig ... rrick-pope

A MLB, good signing. This could really give the team a linebacking corps that teams will really have to plan for!

They have him on the practice roster. This tells me that Floyd might be more hurt than we think. Hopefully its just a depth signing.

Agreed, that is what I was thinking when I first read it!

The fact that he played in 55 NFL games says something about his skill. He also didn't just ride the bench since he compiled over 140 tackles in just 4 years.

Should be a great signing, and i'm sure he's only on the practice roster right now because he probably needs to learn the CFL game first.

I just read on Drew Edward's blog that Floyd and Currie did not practice today. :frowning:

I remember seeing Currie in pain on TV but they only showed him for like 1-2 seconds so I wasn't sure if he was hurt.

The Spec said this morning that Otis is expected to play Thursday, hopefully that is true and he is ok. Pope was a good player with the Dolphins as I recall. Maybe just a case of signing a good ballplayer before he shopped around the league. Could make for interesting 3/4 defences as needed and the ratio works.

Is he a middle linebacker. Who will they let go, Haley?

I'm thinking there may be a "poster" on here really looking forward to seeing "Pope" being an impact player.

Can't you just see the headlines..."Pope signs with Ticats"

                                              "Pope blesses the Ticats"

                                              "Pope helps advance Ticats to playoff berth"

If he becomes that "impact player"...there will be another known around here as "THEMIGHTYPOPE" :wink:

Well, since the first game, Haley has moved down the depth chart, so that could be the case.

Although our DL is improving if we ever sign Mace (and he can live up to the hype) we could play a 3-4 with a Canadian nose tackle, improve our roster flexability and give us more options should we lose a DL to injury.

Great job Obie!

Haley is a good player, it could come down to him, Isaac Brown or Cody Williams leaving town.

With his size (6'0", 232lbs) he was most likely an OLB in the NFL. He is a bit small for an NFL MLB but the perfect size for that spot in the CFL.

I doubt Haley will go. If anyone goes it will be Brown or Williams.

Actually he replaced Zach Thomas in the middle when he went on the injury list in 2007. Probably better to use the NFL term of "inside linebacker" rather than middlelinebacker though in this case. He might have started in a dozen or so game with the DoIphins. I recall him on special teams and situation plays more that a starter.

Barrin Simpson of Peg is 5'11" who at 230 lbs is one of the best MLBs in the CFL. I think Zeke is probably the biggest MLB the league at 246 lbs.

Im a Miami fan and watched this guy for a couple years, he's not great at covering but he is a great pass rusher.

I think this signing shows us just how good Obie's free agent radar is.

I think Ike Brown is on his way out if anyone has to go, I would pick him over any other player.. He surprised me when he made the team, from watching him in training camp and the pre-season game I had thought he was out of position a lot, and flat out just not making plays.

I'm happy to see Obie is still improving our team on a regular basis..

Welcome to Tiger Town Derrick!!

You are definitely correct there, zen

When a guy with this guy's amount of NFL playing time becomes available
no matter how well our LBs have been playing Obie will bring him in.

After he gets time to learn the CFL game,
if he is better than what we have now

as Obie says, says 'better is better.'