Ticats Sign New DE/LB Quinton Caver

Ken Welch of CHtv sports reported tonight that the Ticats have signed former NFL linebacker Quinton Caver (6' 4" 241 lbs, born Aug 22/78 ) and that he is expected to compete for a defensive end or linebacker spot.

He was a second round draft choice of the Philadelphia Eagles in 2001. Here is a summary from nfl.com on his tests for speed, agility and strength when he was in his draft year:


4.63 in the 40-yard dash...34-inch vertical jump...425-pound bench press...720-pound squat...

32 1/8-inch arm length...8 5/8-inch hands."

And here is a link to a bio of Quinton Caver from Nov 9/05:


Nice work by Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins and his scouting staff on this acquisition.


The more competition, the better, at the linebacker position.

I like the speed of this guy and Arnold Parker if he's back.

Here is Ken "Jeppers Creepers" article on
the requisition of this running back repeller.

click here


I like the trend to bringing in mature imports
who have been spit out by the NFL meat grinder

rather than strictly recruiting raw rookies
who still have NFL stars in their eyes.

This is an interesting pick up. Quinton played for the KC Chiefs for a few years as well. He was a solid NFL Special teams player, very athletic. He started a few games one year, as an injury fill in. Quinton flashed, but never quite made the transition to a full time starter, and as is the way in the NFL moved on. He has a legitimate chance to be a solid contributor.

Read the article..can someone please tell Ken..its the "Arkansas" Razorbacks..not Arizona.. :roll:

good pick up!!

Very nice signing, he should make for a solid pass rusher in this league.

From my perspective the LB corps was the weak link on the Cats' defence last year, so the more competition the merrier at those positions, and may the best men win.

i uno hes a good pickup but.. why cudnt he battle it out with Cox.. so we can keep armour.. jojuan played amazing last year and i would hate to see him be a second string.. isnt there a way to have caver and armour on the feild with sum1 in the middle?? cant craver play on the same side as cox n maby take him out of the line up?? i uno u all may bite my head off for this but i personaly dont think ray mariuz should be a starting LB..

I won't bite your head off blitz, I'm with you on that one. I think Mariuz is a good, not great, player; superb on special teams but as a starter, I'm not so sure.

There's a very good chance Caver will line up as a Defensive End in the CFL.

Our GM is quietly, or not so quietly, assembling competition at every position. I like it!

With Nattiel, Postell, Moreno, and Caver (if he tries out for LB) already signed, this could be the kiss of death for Cox and Armour.

Training Camp should be Great Fun & lost Of Competition
Looking Forward to Going Every Day..

These are my sentiments exactly. More mature
imports, less raw rookies.
Now they need to practise this on NFL quarterbacks.

funny hearing you say that, cause TOronto is doing that with QB recruitment this year. Yet so many people are griping and getting on their case for taking the "NFL washouts"

NOT ME!!!! :thup:

I don't think Caver will make the impact expected of him...Caver turns 29 in August and assuming he doesn't start this year he'll be 30 the next time he comes to camp and the way this team looks we'll never have a chance to really use him...I know its a popular suggestion that we need to bring in veterans, but lets face it this team has a serious L.O.F.T. and we need to bring in some younger guys who will be with us 3,4 years down the road...Besides most import players from the NFL never seem to make the transition to the Canadian game a successful one...Zeke Moreno seems like he won't fit in and is maybe only still around because of his NFL experience and the fact the Cats are paper-thin at the linebacker spot...Despite Caver's athletic skill that would be useful for the linbacker spot (blitzes, pass protectionn etc...) I think he would be better suited as a defensive end in the canadian game...That way his job wouldn't be so complex and he could keep his mind one track, and maybe go in pass protection occasionally


Caver is a big body with experience. With the right coaching, he will help. And he sounds like a special teams demon, too. Bonus.

Zeke Moreno seems like he won't fit in and is maybe only still around because of his NFL experience and the fact the Cats are paper-thin at the linebacker spot
Did I miss when he played/practiced up here and showed he doesnt fit in?