Ticats have signed Cornerback Nick Graham who was recently released by the Sask Riders .

Oddly enough , he lost his job to Woodney Turrene who is in camp this year and played a bit last year .

This Guy started all last year with the riders and part of this year and the previous year .
He also played a full season in the NFL with the Eagles .

This looks to be a good move as he has CFL experience and is still young and has played in the NFL .

We still need a good RUSH END asap and a good Defensive Tackle pretty soon .

8) Another reject from a last place team, last year and this year !!
  If you can't make it in Regina, then where can you make it ???  Ohhh right.....Hamilton !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

   Just goes to show, this continual pick up of rejects from other teams, especially in our DB backfield, is just a 
    continual  joke, for the past several years !!!

     It's just not our Dline that is horrendous, it is the DB backfield for at least the 5th year in a row...and counting !!

So we cut Woodny and sign the guy that got cut for Woodny in Regina? What great management we have here.

It is ironic (sad?) that we released Turenne, only to sign the castoff whom he replaced. :?
always felt the Cats may have been a little impetuous when releasing Turenne, Collins and Means, leaving little time to develop a cohesive secondary.

regardless...yes, we require immediate help at the front four as it is our most pressing and dire need, otherwise the second half of the season could strike an eerie similarity to the first.

So we cut Turenne because he was beat out for starter and backup spots, then a bunch of our starters and backups on defence end up on IR, we dip into our depth at secondary to backfill at linebacker, and then we are forced to signing an available CB to provide some depth.

Forget all those high priced FAs Obie signed over the winter. He should have invested in a good crystal ball so he could have foreseen all those injuries so he would have known to keep Turenne on the payroll just in case. :roll:

Just because a player was released one place doesn't mean he can't contribute somewhere else. I don't see Eskimo fans calling Belton Johnson a Hamilton cast off.

Also, everyone has been screaming for new players to be brought in to fix the secondary, but who exactly were you expecting the team to sign at this point? I haven't seen any all-star DBs released in the last few days. You want new players and then complain when you get them. :roll:

I don't necessarily see him as a castoff, but last season I thought Woodny, Collins, and Means played pretty good and I remember hearing Obie say he believed he had settled on his DBs and would stick with them through the next [2012] season and that they needed to jell etc... then in training camp they released all three. The fact that Saskatchewan signed Woodny and we sign the guy he replaced just adds to it. I could even go on to add safety Kyries Hebert to that list back in 2010 who is now playing well for Montreal.

I understand some players may not fit with the team or scheme but this is just a tendency our team seems to do.

It was apparent that late last season with Collins, Turenne and Means in the line-up, the secondary finally looked like it had some potential. Those 3 were playing quite well and when was the last time you could say that about Ticat DBs.
So then Obie and Cortez proceed to release them in training camp. Yet Thomas, Smith and Young got burned repeatedly and are still with the team. Based on some other positional cuts and roster placements, I don't have much faith in Cortez's ability to manage and assess talent.

I agree with your point of view.

But hey, this is ticats.ca, that's what we do here.

Mid-season personnel replacements rarely amount to anything during that season. If Obie starts airlifting players in, it's for next year, methinks.

Or maybe it's just to provide some depth needs due to injuries? No one has said that Graham is going to be a starter, right? At the moment, he's still on the PR, although that could change before Monday.

Oh, absolutely. Injury depth is always useful. I guess I'm speaking more to fans who want airlifts to effect change right now.

8) Well, considering that Regina has just signed Diamond Ferri, recently cut by the Al's, I guess that means he can't
   contribute some where else also !!!

   We pick up a Regina castoff, but they then sign a free agent star player from Montreal, in Ferri !!

    I guess with our star studded linebacker and DB backfield, we couldn't have used him ???

     There's a player I don't think too many would have complained about picking up for a look see !!

Could it be that other than QB, the Secondary is the most difficult position for a n/i to transition to? If so then of all the teams they should have the lowest turnover rate. It follows then that a quality n/i DB is not a "dime a dozen" thus more valuable than WR or RB for instance. TiCats haven't had a stable Secondary in quite awhile, but we've had exMVP QBs, leading rushers, the best Linebacker Corps, etc. Does anyone else see a correlation?

Two interceptions in 23 games cut by Sask, a real ball hawk signing by Obie. :roll:

Ferri was cut by the Als in training camp & no one gave him a sniff until now. I'd say that makes him a "castoff".

I agree wholeheartedly with Ockham! I've heard from various sources - current & ex-players, current & ex-coaches - that differences between the US & Canadian games are the most significant in the secondary & that it's the hardest transition for non-imports & imports alike.

For the home-grown products, it's just the speed of the game & the quality of reciever they now face at the pro level. Even for those non-imports who attended school & played in the US, they were usually at smaller schools & rarely faced major D1 type talent & athleticism. This why quality NI's playing in the secondary, other than safety, are hard to find & are referred to as "ratio busters". That being said, I am extremely impressed with Matt Bucknor so far this year & hopefully Ryan Hinds can return to his late season form from '11?

As far as the imports are concerned, it's the differences in the game that make for an adjustment period that some players truly never overcome. Wider field, deeper end zones, extra player, faster receivers, mobile quarterbacks. As one veteran American DB described it to me once; The NFL/D1 game is like half court basketball. It's physical, post up, pick & roll, bigger men in a smaller space. The Canadian game is full court, run & gun, fast break. Smaller, faster players on a field that is 50% larger.

I think this is why you get so much turnover in the secondary. It's a hard adjustment & steep learning curve that has very noticeable & crucial. I'm sure some very good players & athletes from both sides of the border never truly make to transition to the Canadian professional game.

Fender, great post. I really like that basketball analogy. I imagine that if you've played American football all your life as a DB, the prospect of seeing unlimited backfield motion pre-snap and a bunch of receivers all hitting the line at full speed and different angles must be terrifying, especially with such a wide field where you can get outflanked about ten different ways. :lol:

Switching off in cover schemes is also something that takes time. You need to get a feel for both the DC's schemes and for your fellow DBs.

Great point. Didn't even consider the unlimited backfield motion & waggle by inside receivers. Great point.

That analogy came from a guy who played major D1 CFB, was drafted & played in the NFL, & excelled in Canada ... But after a painful initiation in his own words. Said it was the hardest adjustment he ever made and that he thinks only 1 in 10 actually do it. (He wasn't bragging - just stating the truth.)

And not to beat a dead horse, but that toughness in transitioning from American football to Canadian football for DBs is part of what makes that Thompson-for-Mann trade even worse in retrospect. You have a ballhawking DB like Thompson? You hang onto him like grim death. Good receivers are far easier to find than consistently good cover DBs.