Ticats Sign Nautyn McKay-Loescher



"The Toronto native says "They absolutely blew me away with their offer".

how much r we paying this guy if it blew him away and he says it.. kinda seems like he jus got overpaid?
does this mean we wont be getting many more FA cuz we definatley had to have thrown in more the 100K for this guy and most FA want about that so.. i think we r finished signings! lol hope not though

you beat me too it... :thup: good aquisition Cats! keep em comming!

lol im on top of it! ive bin up waiting for signing checkin every hour haha ima werido! nowlets hope for Kidd, and a good DB.

haha...yea ive been busy waiting myself
what highschool did u play for? the green and yellow is that westdale?

And why are there two 21's on that team?


Oh great! Now you blew his secret.

haha, no its blue and yellow, the colors kinda screwy, i played for saltfleet high. and i normaly played RB but our Saftey got hurt and i played both positions so i had to fill in. lol

ahh...i remember playing against saltfleet last year in the rain lol, what a crazy game, but u still havent told us why there is two number 21's lol

what school did u goto?n wat postion? lol and what feild did we play on??

I played for Hill Park (we sucked) i think we lost like 8-0...i played safety, punter/kicker, and wide reciever...i remember the one play I punted the ball and ran down the field and smoked the returner...my coaches were so pissed at everyone because the kicker had ran down the field faster than anyone else and made the tackle lol

I want to know where 900 CHML got this info from because I cant find any other sources...nothing here on ticats.ca, nothing on tsn or any other sports channels?

It's on TSN now on the free agent tracker (the page listing by position).

Good pickup by the Cats.

Oski Wee Wee,