Ticats sign Markeith Knowlton to contract extension


Great news!

Excellent. Can't wait to hear the details.

I just got the TiCat Insider email and it just says he signed till 2012.

"Hamilton, Ontario - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed import linebacker Markeith Knowlton to a contract extension that will keep the CFL All-Star in Hamilton through the 2012 season.

"We are very excited to have Markeith signed for the foreseeable future. He's a consistent contributor on the field, a respected teammate in the locker room, and a valuable member of this community," said Head Coach Marcel Bellefeuille."

Great news Obie thank you :thup:

Excellent! Thanks.

also on the front page now

I was absolutely certain he was going to make the attempt to try the NFL. Well now the next time someone on here says that every player will jump at the chance to play in the NFL, we can reply..."No, not everybody...."

Best off season news yet!

He did jump at his chance to play in the NFL didn't he? He just didn't make it.

Awesome news. Knowlton, Johnson and Floyd are, bar none, the best linebacking group in the CFL. Glad Knowlton's coming back, and will be here until at least 2012.

Thanks for returning to the fold, Markeith.

Here's to another all star selection for you
and a home play off victory for the Ticats.

Working out with a team is not jumping at the chance to play in the NFL. He could have played out his option here and made a more aggressive jump at the NFL. He could have hung around on a practice roster and come back to the CFL mid-season or even stayed there for PR money like quite a few players in the past. He did say that he was going to weigh all of his options because he could end up missing out on good money here by hanging around in the hopes we could catch on down there. Smart man. I am thrilled with his decision.

This article suggests that he was given a chance to compete, but since it was not basically a guarantee to make the club (ala Wake/Chick) he passed on it: [url]http://www.thespec.com/Sports/article/740907[/url]

great news.

Welcome back, Markeith! Wow! We have the bast linebackers in the CFL!

Great job, Obie!

From the Spec article:

Knowlton was CFL all-star in 2009 after putting together a remarkable statistical season. He amassed 94 defensive tackles, four interceptions, four forced fumbles, four fumble returns, two blocked kicks and two touchdowns.
Can someone remind me what Anwar Stewart accomplished in 2009 to beat out Knowlton for defensive player nominee? I'm not saying Stewart didn't have a good year, but it sure doesn't show up in the form of stats. (Other than 9 sacks, which is not exceptional for a DE, and 4 forced fumbles, which is the same as Knowlton, I don't see his name among the leaders in any category.) Maybe it was more of a "team honour"?

I thought the exact same thing. Anwar Stewart had a good year, but he wasn't Montford in 1999 (the year he didn't win MODP) or Covington in 1988. I think Knowlton should've at least been the East nominee, if not the outright winner.

Man, this is goin' to be some D this year! :thup: And that is how you build championships, with the big D.

Bringing back the old Steeltown D from the days of players like Mosca and Montford.Our motto was bend but don't break D last season, this season it'll be just try and move da damn ball on us!
Looking forward to seeing what Mann and Deangelis bring to the table also.