Ticats Sign Linebacker Rocky Schwartz

The Ticats signed linebacker Rocky Schwartz today. He had a four year college career at Houston (2004 to 2007) and spent part of the NFL pre-season with New Orleans Saints and Tennesee Titans.


Here is a link to a video of his NFL Combine Pro Day workout. He apparently ran a 4.42 40 yard dash, an extraordinarily fast time for a linebacker.

[url=http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1315667/40_yard_dash_nfl_combine_pro_day_rocky_schwartz/]http://www.metacafe.com/watch/1315667/4 ... _schwartz/[/url]

Ask as we shall receive - Moreno was causing friction in the lock room and Creehan. Siskowictz (sp) is a tank and Swartz looks llike a nice find. It looks like Marius is back on special teams where he belongs. He does not belong on he first team defence…

what part of canada is the new lb from?

LOL ! 204 pounds yeah that's what you need at MLB...

Moreno was causing friction ? What he do ? Call Creehan stupid? Oh my !

The new linebacker is AMERICAN.

But obie wants a canadian linebacker so how can he replace mariuz? If it does at least we will know that it wasnt ratio that armour was allowed to walk for.
what was it moreno did again? what is the source on the friction he caused?

And why exactly am I supposed to get excited by this ?? Rocky who??
Before Zeke, the last real MLB that we had was Haven Fields . . . he and Cheatwood arrived in Hamilton in the same year - 2002. Mr. Fields could made tackles at the line of scrimmage, but apparently was too much of a liability in pass coverage. Nonetheless, between Calvin Tiggle’s arrival and Zeke Moreno’s departure, Haven Fields was the best of a bad lot . . . how long are we going to have to wait for another aggressive MLB that we can be proud of?? Tell me again, how MLB’s are a dime a dozen in the CFL. Sorry, but Auggie Barennechea didn’t quite cut it either . . . reminded me too much of John Priestner . . .

Moreno was causing friction! Explain please.

More info on Rocky


Video of 40 time Getting ready for the NFL Combine http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhwBRb9Lfhk
Wikipedia info http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rocky_Schwartz
Scout .com info http://houston.scout.com/a.z?s=215&p=8&c=1&nid=2649007
College Bio http://uhcougars.cstv.com/sports/m-foot … cky00.html
News paper article http://www.heraldtribune.com/article/20 … 006/sports
Draft countdown info http://www.draftcountdown.com/forum/sho … hp?t=19701

I'd like to know where you got that load of hooey from. Creehan is completely inept. Moreno was one of the best player's we've brought in here in recent memory. If there was "friction", Creehan should have been professional enough to deal with it. Creehan should (and hopefully) will be fired at the end of this season and we traded Zeke for nothing. If the reasoning is that he couldn't get along with Creehan and Creehan is fired that is absolutely ridiculousl.

Are you insinuating that we will be starting an American in place of Mariuz?? That can't happen. That wasn't the plan. If we wanted to start an American there, O'Billovich would have re-signed the all-star LB we had in that spot last year. My confidence level in his decision making is just beyond words. :roll:

They kicked Creehan out of Calgary for the same reasons. There is always "friction" with this guy. Robede told Barker last year thanks but no thanks. He re-opted with Calgary once Creehan was gone and Chris Jones was developing Robede nicely till he got injured a couple weeks ago.

Robede under Chris Jones (Teaching and supportive)

[url=http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Busby/2008/07/09/6108971-sun.html]http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Columnists/Bu ... 1-sun.html[/url]
He joined the team in 2006 and played nine games, mostly on special teams, as he tried learning Denny Creehan's defensive system.

The following year, it seemed Creehan wasn't going to play Robede, and the 27-year-old spent time on the bench. Even when the team suffered some injuries to defensive lineman -- a week before heading to Montreal -- the Stamps instead brought Demetrious Maxie out of retirement to cover the loss.

To Robede, it hurt bad.

But he bit his tongue, and when the Stamps fired Creehan, Robede played a bit at the end of last season under replacement Tim Burke.

Although his first two years didn't go well, he re-signed this off-season back with the Stamps with the promise he would get a chance to play.

He rewarded the team with a sack in his first game, and was solid in his second outing, as well.

"He's done everything we've asked him to do," said new defensive co-ordinator Chris Jones.

"I've told him from the start that I just wanted him to execute the plan, nothing more or less. He's done that, and he's letting the game come to him now."

Robede under Creehan...(Called out and pointing fingers) [url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/robede_trying_stampeders__patience]http://www.cfl.ca/article/robede_trying ... __patience[/url]
It's very simple," said defensive co-ordinator Denny Creehan. "He has bad habits and he doesn't break them.

"As soon as he breaks his bad habits, he'll play."

At six-foot-four, 284 pounds, Robede possesses an array of physical skills that should have him contributing on a CFL roster.

One widely held belief in the locker-room is Robede had a falling out with defensive-line coach Casey Creehan that hasn't helped his status. It's impossible to measure the extent or validity of this claim.

One indisputable fact is that the Stamps start an import tackle and Canadian Randy Chevrier is a valuable backup, so there's no need for a third tackle who doesn't play end or contribute on special teams.

But Denny Creehan said the real reason is identifiable and correctable.

"When the ball is snapped, he stands straight up in the air and looks in the backfield," said Creehan. "You can't do that. You get blown off the ball and you don't keep your gap.

"The other thing is, he

doesn't play with knee bend. He gets into a stance and his knees are locked, straight up and down. He's been instructed thousands of times how to do those things and, when he actually starts to do them, he'll play."

Does anyone believe that Creehan repeated himself "thousands of times" ? Come on, so when a coach uses a degrading exageration to the media to stick it to his own player, he isolates that player, fosters animosity from other players and loses all credibility with his players and the organisation. Quality coaching makes a huge difference in develping players and you can see it in Montreal, Calgary, BC and Saskatchewan and you see the opposite in Hamilon, Toronto, Winnipeg and Edmonton. That is the common difference between those two groups. Don't kid yourself players go where they will have a better chance of playing and winning because Grey Cup money can be anything from 40% to 20% of their regular pay...

4th time this year I've agreed with BG. The Moreno trade was dumb. A MLB coming off an all-star year for....futures? And Canadian futures at that. CIS draft picks are really a crap shoot and that's all they could get? If they really felt they had to get rid of Moreno, they should've stood firm on the original deal--Tom Canada. If he can't play this year, so what. Neither can whomever they draft coming out of the CIS this year.

If this new guy makes the team, it means dropping an import somewhere else. Who's it going to be? Despite what many believe, I don't think this team is stacked with talent just waiting to rip off a 10-8 season so where are you going to insert another Canadian?

I hope the Cats' management has already spoken to Stubler about replacing Creehan for 2009. He's proven that he can build a dominant D. The man just lives down the QEW!!! It's probably not even a long distance call!!!

An Argo-Cat fan

Maybe the new guy replaces Mariuz next year, and we draft a Canadian to kick because Setta is headed to the NFL?

Rambo liked this guy, I wonder if it was his name Rocky, :roll:

And maybe if I had wings I could fly for free. Way too many ???? for my liking. O'Billovich took one of our strength positions and decimated it. Now he's searching for LBs. That's just a joke.

PS...Careful BF, agreeing with me can easily become a habit. :smiley:

You can replace Mariusz with an American if Barker can start at safety.

Looking through articles on the net, Schwartz was trying out as a safety for both New Orleans and Tennessee. He played (strong) safety for the Houston Cougars.