Ticats sign LB Shomari Williams

First free agency signing of the season for Hamilton. We have signed non-import LB and 2010 1st overall draft pick Shomari Williams, formely of the Roughriders. Good signing, perhaps with him and Pietrus we will be going canadian in the middle this year. Either way good non-import signing. Thoughts?


Solid Canadian. I believe he started for most of his career. (he may have subbed in and out for his first few games IIR.) He is listed as a LB and the Cats are strong there so I wonder if he is going to be one of those stand - up pass rushers who can push up field or drop back to cover, run stuff as well. Interesting pick-up for sure.

Good ratio-changing move. If Hamilton can start a non-import at MLB, they'll have a lot more flexibility elsewhere (though I still think Austin should be aiming to raise the CanCon on the offensive line). Question is whether Williams is ready to be a starting MLB, but we won't know until live bullets are flying.

Not a fan of Williams' game, but it's hard to complain when you're adding NI depth. I think the idea of starting him at linebacker is crazy. I see this as a special teams/depth move with Kanya and Carter (likely) gone. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to see us move Williams back to DE in an attempt to build a stable of NI talent at that position with him, Fortin, and Nadon.

I think since SASK did not sign him then he wanted starter type money ..and for us to h ave gotten him we'd have to have paid himn good starter type money ....We need a big time pass rusher or two and he is not that ...he does bring alot of options however as he can play specialty teams replacing Kanya and Carter and he can play Weak side Linebacker or Defensive End ....

If Fred Plesius is here this year and stays then we could start 2 canadians on defence or have them share a spot ...

I think this move all but insures that we will draft the MAC Olineman Matt Sewell first overall and not the big time linebacker Lokumbo or DL Charles or Gaydosh ..

Anyone have any idea what Williams signed for ....I like that they are getting guys from the area like Wojt and Williams as they will happier closer to home and more apt to stay when becoming a free agent another reason to draft Sewell
We saw what happened with Baumann and Rottier both former first rounders and guessing Barker would have left too if he was n't forced to retired due to injury

Word I'm reading is that Williams was not that great a pass rusher with the Riders. Too bad, I thought that could have been a possibility for him.

With Nadon, Plesius and now Williams could they develop and all Canadian linebacking corp?

Wasn't Williams someone the Tiger cats were hoping to draft a few years back?

Guess I was correct. Austin states that Williams will play DE.