Ticats sign LB Isaac, DB Davis

We have officially signed Brandon Issac and Emanuel Davis.

Issac brings an edge to his game. I like this signing. As soon as I heard Knowlton was released I knew we were bringing Issac in. He has history with Orlando Steinaur. I personally think, as much as knowlton was a fav of mine, this will be an upgrade. Knowlton was getting older slower and injuries had been adding up. Gotta do what u gotta do. Good move.

Davis was here in training camp, and well what we have isnt doing the job so it can't hurt to bring him back in the fold. I think this is a good move overall for the defence with these two on the team.

With that being said I wish Markeith the best moving forward and thank him for his time here.

Good signing.
There is some method to the madness.

Not sure I’ve ever seen the revolving door spin to fast, so early.

How many DBs have come and gone since training camp?

I think with Austin, for his players it is obvious, get the job done or clean out your locker!

The Ticats also released import receiver Ouslet Volcy.

Thought the Cats may need his speed in the lineup although quickness alone does not a football player make I gather.

Posting about signings without a link to backup what you say?

You don't represent the player personnel staff for the team so you need to backup what you say.

here you go bane.

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-sign-lb-brandon-isaac-db-emanuel-davis]http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-sig ... nuel-davis[/url]

And with the revolving door spinning ever so faster,Isaac will probably be here the rest of this year,and gone the next ! As for DB's...the count's got to be closing in on over 20,been so many I've lost track.

It's on the front page of the ticats site...not that difficult lol. Open your eyes.

You know what though, it's the posistion we need. Frankly I'm surprised we haven't tried to do a reciever trade for a DB.

I absolutely DESPISE Isaac Bruce's game. He is a dirty player, and I will find it very hard to root for this team moving forward.

P.S Hey Bane; can you post a picture of your Internet Sheriff's Badge? I've always wanted to see one. Good grief.

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Oh I forgot, there is protocol to writing on the forums. Plz dont arrest me sir! lol give me a break bud. You don't like it, don't reply or go make your own thread. Regardless if i am or someone else is reporting it 1st, I don't need to source where I am getting it from. Normally I do (see past posts) but this time I didn't saying it was on the front page of the site. So loosen your undies a bit and take it easy. There is no law, no guidelines to needing to source where your information came from, it's not school I don't need to cite everything. Grow up pal.


now the cat's need a legit RB.
i'm looking forward to see how the next 4 games play out.

LMAO!!!!!! He's gonna getcha now!!!!...ya silly rabbit...it's Brandon Isaac....not....Isaac Bruce.... *

looks like yer under arrest Flying_A........Bane present badge and hand cuffs!!!! :lol: :slight_smile: :roll:

Did you see the receivers we dressed in Saskatchewan?
We are HORRIBLY thin at receiver.

I officially deputize you, bobo. Throw the book at him. :slight_smile:

Isaac is a cornerstone type player. He was a defensive captain with the Argos. I have no idea why he was cut but he'll be a big addition to Hamilton.

An Argo-Cat fan

Come on, we have some of the best receivers in the league on our roster: Fantuz, Stala, Jones, Gant, Williams.

Oh. Right.

At least last year, the injury bug only affected our defence, aside from Mallet. This year is horse. Both our offence and defence have been decimated by injuries. Someone posted a couple of weeks ago a complete starting lineup made up entirely from our IR. I think it was only missing a linebacker and a fullback. I seem to remember it looked like a pretty good team too.