Ticats sign K Gabriel Ferraro, release Taylor Bertolet

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have signed national placekicker Gabriel Ferraro. He has been added to the suspended list while he completes his quarantine period.

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I'm surprised that this move didn't take place a month ago. Bertolet just simply missed too many opportunities for points - in at least two cases they cost the Tigers the game.


Yeah - that's what caused the TiCats to lose.
Ha Ha.
Not Masoli's total 40 yards in 1st half and a dozen imbecile throws.
Not all the stupid penalties.
Not the poor coaching.
And not the pathetic tackling led by Simoni Lawrence

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So who kicks this week if Bertolet is gone and Ferraro is in quarantine? "Domagala, you are so NOT our guy but we need you for just one game, pleeeease?"

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It's about time. The kicking game is horrible. It's been losing games for the Ticats. They would be in 1st place were it not for that impediment. The only issue I have with it is why they waited so long? Anyways the last time the Cats had a guy named Gabriel it was a good thing.

Who's the moderator on this board? Banks' momma? :rofl: :joy:

I don't ever recall a season with so many missed/muffed kicks & so many kickers losing their jobs because of it. The kicking game in the league this year, apart from a few bright lights(Bede, Parades) has been pathetic. There must be a line-up at the EI office for benefits.