Ticats Sign Jimenez, Release Goodspeed

Goodspeed being here beyond 2009 was never a reality. If Jimenez can't cut it then he'll simply be released. Whoopdeedoo.

Yeah, at times over the last few years, Jiminez has acted like a bit of a thug on the field. Maybe that's what Obie is looking for, especially with a crop of young Canadians: someone with some edge to influence the personality of the line.

I'm not sure how to feel about this guy...A very good lineman but one of THE dirtiest hits I've ever seen that ended a player's career a couple of seasons ago with little, if any, remorse expressed. Also, if there is one thing I admire about Buono, is his uncanny ability to know when a player is finished.

He's a BIG boy thats for sure! I found of our line last season Goodspeed overall was the Weakest of them!
I think every O line needs at least ONE guy that will breath fire and get under Apposing D Line's skin! Jim has a few years left in his tank by the looks of it as he is only 30 right now! Good move!

I hope our OL coach can appreciate and recognize valuable feedback from the OL players, and more importantly, change things, if it has merit.

If it doesn't have merit, then discuss with the player(s) ASAP and don't let it become a "difference of philosophy".


He's bigger and younger than Goodspeed. Why would Wally let a guy like this go. Then you think, look at some of the guys Wally let go. :? Our team has grown much stronger with player Wally has let go. Lets hear it for Wally. :thup:

how old is Jimenez?

I want an investigation on this underhanded deal between Wally and Obie by Mark Cohon. :x This has got to stop.

The next thing you know Wally will release Buck Pierce and some team like the Argos will pick him up for free. :slight_smile:

I think this good pickup Goodspeed was a Rental. and we all knew that

You must not have liked our linebacking corps from last year then.

I didn't know he was just a rental. When did that point come out?

It was speculated when he signed that it may only be a transition in order to allow others to develop. Its obvious Obie knew this long before this month, he just did a good job keeping it quiet. Dont blame Obie, blame Winnipeg for signing him to the deal to begin with. Agree Zontar, he was never going to be here.

If Goodspeed was a "rental" for 2009, maybe Jimenez will be 2010 "rental". Maybe we are going to continue recycling Import T until Carlson or Rottier is fully ready ?

Are there any other "rentals" on our roster?

I suppose every pro football player is a rental unless they've signed a lifetime contract. And even then we could release them at any time.

Rental? more like a wait and see.
As he was a free agent Jiminez doesnt come with any financial baggage like Goodspeed did so he was signed on Obie's terms. If Jiminez can restablish himself as an allstar then great, if not, he'll soon be just another underperforming veteran cast-off. No biggie.

Yes, having a CFL & CFLPA all-star at RT must have been a real challenge for your team. Contract wise this is better for you guys but Goodspeed is significantly better than Jimenez at that position.

Hoe do all of you feel now about trading Rempel and the 9th overall pick for one year of service from Goodspeed? I'm , I'm legitimately wondering if any of you still like how it turned out or if you now feel like it was a bad move.

Already have a dearth of young NI up and commers on the O-line so Rempel was easily expendible. Goodspeed helped make the O-line better. QBs, Cobb and thus the team benifitted from that so the deal was worth making.

I'm sorry to see Goodspeed go, he played great for us.. His release was clearly because of the bonus factor. In a SMS league a 90k bonus is a lot of money to be forking out on a player already getting a good chunk of cash..

With that being said I feel better knowing we have another former CFL All-Star stepping in to take Goodspeed's place..

Welcome aboard Jason to the Tiger-Cats and all the best in the upcoming season!!

Dan great job last year and thank you for being apart of this team and helping to restore the roar to Hamilton and all the best to you and your family and your future home in the CFL or other football leagues.

I could definitely see Rottier starting at tackle in 2011, Carlson on the otherhand is more of a guard/center

I actually wouldnt be suprised to see Rottier at guard this year over Hudson.
Rottier played very well for a rookie last season when he stepped in for Dyakowski. Hudson was by no means spectacular last season and he'll be turning 34 this year so chances are it will be even tougher for him this season.

A dearth is a shortage. That's not what we have.