Ticats Sign Jimenez, Release Goodspeed

According to Drew who does not miss too often.


8) Oh yes, he has been released. You could see it coming for the past 2 weeks since that rumour was started by his
   agent.  Saves the Cats from having to pay Goodspeed his $90,000 bonus due in a few days !!   

   I wonder if he would still have been released, had he not been owed that bonus ??    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

It's too bad that we couldn't get anything for him, but this free's up ALOT of cap space and open's the possibility of an all canadian OL.I wish Goodspeed luck in the future.

I say no, but if the bonus is $90,000 plus his salary I can see why Dan did get his release.
Not from his play but from the contract his agent put together.
Spanos or a Canadian can fill in.
I would like to think that Dan would consider signing back here for market value. $90,000 plus market value is too steep!

No surprise here. Something had to give to make way for our contingent of young Non-import OL. Cap space was becoming an issue.

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/02/its-official-goodspeeds-out-jimenez-in.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... ez-in.html[/url]

A source with the team confirms that the Ticats have released Goodspeed and signed free agent tackle Jason Jimenez.

8) The next rumour, as reported by Drew Edwards also, is that Obie will sign former Lion, Jason Jimenez to replace
  Goodspeed.  Obie was non commital on that rumour a few days ago, so look for it to happen now  !!!     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

  Jimenez was released by BC a couple of weeks ago for the same reason that Goodspeed is being let go here now !!

Are we trying to be the rehab centre for bad behavior. Not liking this :thdn:

Another good move by O.B. . :thup:

8) Looks like I was right. The Cats have signed Jimenez already !!
  Obviously he was signed even before Goodspeed was cut     <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->
8) Jimenez is an import, so you can forget about the all NIP O-Line for now.
  He will be starting on the OL for sure.

I just realized that and deleted that post, thanks :wink:

8) No problem. You were quick about that deletion. :wink:

Sorry to see us lose an All-Star OL and I apprecite Dan's contribution on the field and in the community. I wish him well.

Welcome to Hamilton Mr. Jimenez

If it help's, Jiminez is a former all-star 8) :lol:

It doesn't, but thanks for thinking of me :lol:

It would be interesting to know if this is to quote Obie "Better is Better"?
Is Jimenez better than Goodspeed or is his cap hit better?
I do not know enough about the gradings of an O-Lineman to evaluate this but Obie has had both players and I do trust the man's CFL knowledge!

A report from Vancouver explaining why Jimenez was cut in BC:


I wonder why any agent bothers with a roster bonus if the team can cut your guy days before it is activated? Presumably, the chance to earn the bonus is an incentive for the player ... he has to make himself indispensible so the team won't cut him over the winter, regardless of the bonus. Otherwise, the bonus just seems to force a decision on a player's future during free agent season: commit to him now and pay the bonus, or cut him loose and let him find another team before camp.

If I was a player, a contract with statistical incentives would seem preferable to this .
I wonder how many other players are due this bonus this winter?

[url=http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Lions+Philosophical+differences+split+Lions+Jason+Jimenez/2506386/story.html]http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/Lion ... story.html[/url]

I prefer to think Wally Buono didn't think he was worth the crap he was getting, bonus or no bonus

I don't know about his style of play (remember suspension for dirty play)...

...but I like his vocabulary,

"Football players aren't sycophants," Jimenez added. "Maybe therein lies the difference of 'philosophy' - the will to adapt in order to win."
This one will be interesting to watch.