Ticats sign import DT

From Drew,

[b]Ticats have signed an import defensive tackle by the name of Myles Wade. He's six-foot-one, 300 pounds and has followed a familiar script for imports coming to Canada: highly recruited out of high school, academic eligibility issues forced him to junior college. Two years at a D1 program (Texas Tech), then a final year at Portland State. Bounced around with a couple of NFL teams as an undrafted free agent.

From what I've read and seen, he's an athletic big man who's in shape and that will certainly help his cause in the CFL. With Torrey Davis, last year's starting defensive tackle, having not been re-signed, the Cats may have an opportunity at that spot.

This is to Wade's pro day at Portland State where he starts by putting up 42 in the bench. Some of those reps aren't exactly textbook but 42 would have tied him for the top mark in this year's NFL Combine. [/b]

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[url=http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1121082-portland-state-nt-myles-wade-impresses-at-pro-day-after-long-road-to-get-there]http://bleacherreport.com/articles/1121 ... -get-there[/url]


[url=http://www.northwestprepreport.com/myles-wade-re-defines-beast-mode-on-his-way-to-nfl/]http://www.northwestprepreport.com/myle ... ay-to-nfl/[/url]

Very similar in size to Canadian Draft pick Atkinson who is 6’0" 300plus.
Austin again giving the team options with a similar player one import and one export big body space taker.
Atkinson has a pretty good resume as well playing at Boise State.

Wade was once a BC lion, I wonder why he left (was he cut).

http://bclions.com/roster/show/id/6591 Apparently he was on the Lion's P.R at the latter end of last season,signing in Oct.

It doesn't appear that he dressed for any game action though in his time in B.C.

In to March now so who does Torrey Davis' agent think is going to sign him for more money?

The slight on Davis is that he tends to be out of football shape. Austin does not want him back.
Right now there are a lot of new imports from neg lists that are available so teams will look at all of those options and then look at Davis. He did play very well last season.
If he was smart he would be taking this time to get into tip top football shape so when someone does call he will be ready.

Arena Football season is getting ready Davis may have to search for a team in the AFL to prove himself to be in shape before someone signs him.