Ticats sign Hage to extension

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Great signing by Obie. The best Ticats should be rewarded.

I'm looking forward to big things from this year's O-Line, Jessie and Terry Caulley.

Great to see the organization working hard to lock down our All-Stars and keep them in Hamilton.

Congrats to Marwan, he's great for the community of Hamilton as well.

The Head Hog is staying in Hamilton

Great signing, nice to see that our veterans still believe in this team and organization.

Jeeze.. Charlie has no presence at all when in front of the press. He is so boring to listen to, even though im very interested in the cats.

Then you have Scott.

Anyways, good signing, glad he wants to be here.

Great news!

Oski Wee Wee,

I think its a great idea that they are extending him now. He backed up Coulter for a couple years and then got good enough to replace him. Marwan is really at a very good point in his career now also. He has a few years under his belt and is still only 26-27 so as a C he has at least 7-8 years of pro ball left in him. He was rated in the top 50 NCAA OL rankings one year at Colorado where I believe he started out as a G and switched to C in his junior year.

He became an allstar last year on a horrible team. I have heard him say that he has a lot of Ti-Cat pride and wants to win as a Ti-Cat. I would say his loyalty speaks for itself.

I am proud to call him a member of my Ti-Cats and hope he retires here.

Best Move, ticats made :thup: