Ticats sign free agent national receiver Lamar Durant

This likely means they won't resign David Ungerer and go with Tyler T as the backup.

In my eyes this is a huge upgrade over Ungerer.
Durant is arguably a ratio buster and improves our national starters significantly.

Of our 7 national starters:

We already have Van Zeyl, Revenberg, Durant, Adeleke and likely should see Laurent and Ciraco back.
Not sure about the 7th . If we should try to sign a veteran center or guard or give woodmansey, Gibbon and Okafor a shot at the guard spot. None of the 3 have impressed much in their fairly young careers.

I really hope j'Gared Davis and Breaux sign back with us.
Brooks, Wynn, Laurent, Ciraco, Ciante Evans and Acklin would be nice too...


Ciante Evans was listed as re signed on transaction page but team hasnt said anything which is odd .

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Seems strange but the word re-signed is a good sign implying he is not leaving last years team. I think he is better corner than halfback.
So far, I am liking the ticats moves but not knowing the salary figures .

Who was our last National receiver that was more than a decoy?

We had a young and promising rookie a few years back that had a good late season run and playoff and then retired. Anyone remember his name?

My guesses would be: Giovanni Aprile, Matt Coates, Spencer Watt or Shamaud Chambers.

Well, at least for one season ('18), that would be Mike Jones, whose numbers that year were pretty much the same as our newcomer's best season, the following year. In fact, their whole career numbers are very similar, so far.


If he is even close to the clutch sure handed REC Andy Fantuz was,
I will be thrilled!

I want to say Justin Buren was the receiver I was thinking about that just retired.

I can't see his playoff results but I thought he had a good run in 2018


I think you’re right. Looked promising but retired before camp the following season.

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He is still only 26 years old...bring him back

Remember he had a full time job opportunity. Unless that didn’t pan out I doubt he comes back to play for league minimum. If he unretires, I think he was from BC so could see him try out with the Lions.

Usually the z-receiver is not targeted much in a Condell offence. He is often a Canadian whose talents are often wasted or not recognized. The Riders in 2010 proved that Canadians can excel at that position when they employed 4 starting National receivers. Fantuz, Bagg, Clermont and Getzlaf were affectionately called the Canadian Airforce.

Imagine the ratio possibilities if the Cats added an extra National receiver. Similar to what the Bombers do with Demski and Wolitarsky.


I think Durant may not play the z spot that may go to Dunbar as Durant plays well inside and he is thick

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Transaction page said add to active roster so likely ticats are just being slow at announcing signings

Saw Levi Noel's name mentioned on the Montreal forum.

Keep forgetting about Jake Burt as a second national starting receiver.

Buren played 4 games with 8 catches for 85 yards in 2018 .