Ticats sign four, release 3

Isaac Brown LB Central Michigan
Virgil Gray DB Rhode Island
Elton Patterson DL Central Florida
Jabob Willis WR Illinois

Jo Jo Walker WR
Rontarius Robinson DB
Tim Goodwell LB

I know there will be people on here shortly screaming about the release of Walker, but the one that really surprises me is Robinson. He looked really good at HB and safety last year, I assumed with safety becoming a NI position he would move back to half but apparently they really like what Tisdale was doing there.

Why release Robinson? He played great last season until they moved him to safety. I thought we were pretty solid at DB with Thompson and Robinson.

Near the end of last year Robinson slowed down to the point where they had to put him at Safety. He was getting consistently burned at DHB.

Since we're going Canadian at the S position, this probably explains the release of Robinson.

Let the JoJo whining begin…

And it is sure to....................

I don't understand why you just don't bring these guys to camp, then cut them. They have CFL experience and you are bringing in 4 guys with zero experience.

With Jojo, I think we have enough receivers coming to camp but still worth looking at again. Injury prone too much maybe?

Robinson is a huge surprise, I thought he played well last year. You can't get rid of people with CFL experience.

These moves will have little impact on the team this year. These guys were good but not great and we can survive without them.

Releasing Walker and Robinson? Definitely not a big fan of those two moves. This team ever going to have players stay for more than like..2 years? The roster turnover is just brutal..although we were awful last year and changes needed to be made -- this many new guys at camp with no CFL experience is..questionable.

Meh, I guess I hope these new guys are legit and can improve the talent on the team.

I agree with this.

I hate cuts, but I really never did undestand the love affair with Robinson around here. I have to agree with Pseudo, he was slow and regularly got burned. Very nice guy, but you have to be better than that if you are going to play safety.

I thought Jojo played well this year, but it looks like they're trying to bring in more size at receiver. Sorry to see him go.

Best of luck to both of them

Robinson was a nice guy.. .but we know the adage about nice guys..and I m tired of finishing last.

Tisdale is a distinct and much more economic improvement.

Ditto for JoJo..nice guy... middle of the pack.

Both were adequate in their role. It is readily apparent that after a year reviewing and assessing this team Obie has decided to put his unique stamp on it.

There was comment earlier on another post that this would be a make or break year for Obilovich.
I think not. I am very impressed by his team building strategy thus far.

Prima donnas (ie a certain QB and to a lesser extend a Canadian FB )and merely adequate take heed.

The pack may well be on the prowl... It may actually be back :twisted:

As a fan of JoJo, I'm disappointed that he was released but wish him all the best in his future endeavours.

These guys weren't good enough, plain and simple. It is a good sign.

If you expect to cut them anyway, bringing them to camp wastes a roster spot that could be used to evaluate someone else. Releasing them now also gives the released players a better chance to try and catch on with another team prior to camps starting.

I would at least see how they compare to the guys they brought in to replace them. Cutting them now, doesn't make much sense.

You can get rid of players with CFL eperience. You shouldnt get rid of too many players with CFL eperience. How are we gonna improve if we dont cut some players at positions we werent too good at? There is so much talent out there I dont believe we should be expected to wait for years to see talent develop. If they cant figure out the game in a month or so (they dont have to be superstars) then move on to someone who can.

Wow, I gotta learn how to spell big words, EXPERIENCE

The Anti-Jojo Crowed got their Wish .. Sad to see him go..
I agree with BG I hate cuts but part of the business of Football

This offseason as a whole has been very shaky. Not necessarily these moves, but blowing up the team again is wrong in my opinion. We were very close in a lot of games last year and just missed the breaks. A little tweaking and filling a couple holes would have been nice, but instead Obie has brought in a bunch of inexperienced guys in again. Expect a lot of what we saw last year. BTW has our defensive line needs been filled yet?

Patterson and Gray seem like intriguing prospects, although stats from college or arena league doesn't tell much, but it's all you have to go on. Is Patterson a tackle or an end? With his size, sounds like a tackle. A dominant pass rusher is still needed on the line. Guillory will be a ten-sack guy I think, which is fine, but we need someone who can get 15+ and bring some serious heat.

Maybe Gray will bump Gordon out. As I see it, he is the weak link in the secondary. Releasing Robinson isn't that much of a surprise. He doesn't compare to Thompson and Tisdale. I'm really looking forward to watching both of those guys this season!

Walker wasn't a big surprise. He's been hanging around for three years now but never broke through the plateau. He showed potential, and some will say he never got much of a chance, but he reminded me of Tony Akins - maybe THIS is the year he has a break out season. So, I'm fine with his release. I'm puzzled that they didn't sign more receivers, or maybe that's coming. Obie was so high on the receivers from that camp. He said it was the most talented bunch of receivers he's ever had at a free agent camp. I'm still not convinced that we have the right mix in that group. They will be improved, but we still need a deep threat.