Ticats sign four DBs

From Drew Edwards blog:

"Apparently, Obie is intent on fostering quite a training camp battle at defensive back.

This is the first in what's likely a wave of signings leading up to training camp...

From the Cats:

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed import defensive backs Tony Davis, Derek Douglas, Will Heyward and Richie Rich.

Davis, a 5-10, 195-pound native of Warren, Ohio, spent time on the Ticats practice roster last season after attending training camp with the NFL's Arizona Cardinals. He played four seasons at Penn State, recording 122 tackles (82 solo) and three interceptions.

Douglas, a 6-0, 185-pound native of Columbus, Georgia played three seasons at Tuskegee University, registering 26 tackles and three interceptions in his senior season. He most recently suited up with the IFL's Colorado Ice.

Heyward, a 5-9, 190-pound native of Seguin, Texas registered 25.5 tackles in four seasons at Texas State. He attended training camp with the B.C. Lions last year.

Rich, a 5-9, 195-pound native of Marietta, Georgia made 21 tackles at North Alabama last year after spending three seasons at North Carolina."

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/05/ticats-sign-four-dbs.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... r-dbs.html[/url]

Nice to have some both good and non-stadium related news!

I was looking for a new favourite player for the 2010 season and the Tiger-Cats go and sign someone named Richie Rich.

That was easy.

Any word on whether his nickname is "Stinkin'"?

  • paul

A 5'9" DB named Richie Rich?

Drew just posted some videos of 2 of the guys.

He also gave some interesting info on Richie Rich:
"Richie Rich was a running back coming out of high school before he moved to cornerback. The big question: can he help pay for the stadium?"

HAHA funny stuff Drew

The Means he could be a Kick Returner

I bet that poor sap has heard them all lol.

My brother had a teacher in college whose name was Ronald McDonald (true story, I swear) and he'd start
out each new class with "I've heard them all so don't even bother" lol.

Why don't parents think of these things when they name their kids.

I know one of the guys was here last year but are the others from the California free agent camp? Any others to come?

We do not need any DB’s. They will just be vying for a spot on the practice roster unless one guy is a kick returner or we get an injury.
Shivers, Poole, Tisdale, Bradley, Barker/Beveridge and Ryan Hinds will be our guys unless something very unusual happens.

I think Tisdale and Pool will be tested by the new Recruits if they make it out of rookie camp

Obviously the team does need them if Obie has signed them. He knows a lot more about the teams needs than you ever will.

Obie knows more than me....thanks for the insightful post!

My point is they are not likely to make the team. I understand the needs of having training camp bodies and that is what I think these are.

In your earlier post you said they were not needed so that indicates that you did not understand. Pick one.

IMO Jykine Bradley is far from being a lock to make the team. I like him as a nickle but i think we can improve that starting corner spot across from Will Poole.

Jykine Bradley is currently our most proven defensive back. Having said that, it seems like every year he is 2nd string until the defensive coordinator realizes he's our best defensive back and puts him back in there.


Obie said that three of the four DBs signed could be used on punt returns in this video: http://ticats.ca/video/index/id/11267

And when he talked about Richie Rich, he said that he could be that player, and I have Obie credit for not laughing as he mentioned that name. But then again, if Ticats TV ever put up outtakes of interviews, maybe we would see that he did laugh after saying that name, and it was only on the fourth or fifth filming that he said that name without laughing. And I would think that DB would prefer to be referred to as Richard Rich but maybe he has his reasons for going by that name. Kind of like that character named Michael Bolton from Office Space. :slight_smile:

And maybe negotiations of Rich's contract will go well, as I don't think he'd need the money. I had to get my own bad joke in there.

I think they were, and more could be on the way, according to this tweet: http://twitter.com/TicatsPR/status/14247279342

Anyway, it's good to know that this season, these rookies, as well as others who'll come in, will find it harder to make the team.

Though it looks like QB JaMarcus Russell will not be one of those players who'll come in, according to this: http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2010/ ... nient.html

I have always been a big Bradley fan. Pretty sure he is the longest serving import on the roster. Came to the Hammer in 05 and showed us all just how fast he really is when he chased down Dressler in 08. He was at least 10-12 yards away and closed the gap on a very fast guy.

Always brings a big stick on every play. I love the smaller tough as nails type guys.

unless one guy is a kick returner or we get an injury.
Read the whole post if you are a critic

If he ever learns to friggin' wrap up when he tackles he might become one of my favorite players. Love the physical play and he's a good cover guy, but the sloppy tackles drive me nuts.

Four more join Cats secondary

May 20, 2010 Drew Edwards

The Hamilton Spectator

Let's get the joke out of the way first:

the Ticats did not sign Richie Rich yesterday
hoping he could foot the bill for a new stadium.

Instead Rich, along with fellow new signees
Tony Davis, Derek Douglas and Will Heyward,

will join what is shaping up to be a
good training-camp battle at defensive back.

With the departure of starting corner Bo Smith
(signed with the NFL's New York Jets)

and halfback Chris Thompson (traded to Edmonton),

general manager Bob O'Billovich said t[u]he new quartet

will compete[/u] with newly acquired CFL vets

Will Poole, Jason Shivers and Jerome Dennis

for two starting spots.

"There'll be some opportunity for new guys
to make our football team," O'Billovich said.

The tentative plan is

[b]to move halfback Geoff Tisdale to corner,

playing opposite incumbent starter Jykine Bradley.
That would create two open spots at halfback.

But training camp will tell the tale, O'Billovich said.

"All the American defensive backs are former corners,

but the coaches will be moving them around
during training camp to find the best fit."

This is Davis's second go-round with the club.

Davis (Penn State, Arizona Cardinals) was signed last fall
during the temporary expansion of practice rosters,

and the team liked what they saw
enough to bring him back for a longer look.

Heyward (Texas State) was in training
camp with the B.C. Lions last spring.

"He had a little previous experience in the league
so we're going to give him another shot," O'Billovich said.

Douglas (Tuskegee University, IFL Colorado Ice)

attended the free-agent camp in California this past weekend,

which saw 67 hopefuls work out for Ticat brass,

including O'Billovich, head coach Marcel
Bellefeuille and uber-scout Richard Wade.

"He looked really good in coverage," O'Billovich said.

"He did a nice job of getting in the receivers'
hip pocket and staying with them."

The California camp -- which netted the Ticats

running back DeAndra' Cobb and
defensive end Justin Hickman last season --

may provide an even better haul this year.

"We signed seven guys out of that camp last year

but we might get as many as nine this year,"

O'Billovich said. "It was a good camp."

Finally, the aforementioned Rich
(North Alabama, North Carolina)

is a former high school running back
who moved to corner in college,

and will get a chance as a punt returner as well.

O'Billovich said he's in the final stages

of piecing together the team's 75-man roster
for rookie camp, which is set to open June 3.

A number of players will be signed in the coming days

as O'Billovich makes some hard
choices on who to bring to camp.

"This is the part of it that's not fun," he said.