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#Ticats re-sign Canadian offensive linemen Mike Filer, Joel Reinders, Landon Rice & Carson Rockhill:

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-sign-four-canadian-o-linemen]http://www.ticats.ca/article/ticats-sig ... -o-linemen[/url]

Sounds like a competition for Hage’s spot.

Not impressed. They need to get much more aggressive than these signings and I'm sure they will.

Solid free agent extensions at this time. Hamilton has a very good, core group, of young Olinemen ... They've signed/extended them up to come into training camp in order to compete for a spot.

At this time ... prior to mid February when Free Agency begins ... these are good signings/extensions.

These guys can play and are the future.

(Remember ... Carl Coulter was on his way out when Marwan was just coming in ... Circle of Life My Friends)

Apparently any signing bonuses signed before Jan.1st will go to last seasons cap.
With our roster size at record numbers from this last season, we may have our nose right to the cap,
Perhaps the big signing bonus type extensions and signings will come after Jan.1st.

Duane Forde ?@DuaneFordeTSN 28 Nov .@tyriel62 Absolutely...but, in many cases, they'll want it done by Dec.31, so that signing bonuses can be applied to the 2013 salary cap

It's a smart move to sign as many NI OLs as possible. Look what happened in the expansion draft, Ottawa took four NI Offensive linemen. If teams can stock up the OL with NIs then it frees up the talent positions. Now it's going to be 9 teams going after a limited pool of NIs not 8.

As it stands right now the Cats have 8 Canadian O.L under contract for next season,this is most likely why the team left Hage unprotected in the draft.I'm thinking that although Austin probably will never admit it publically,but Hage wasn't in their future plans moving forward next season.With Dyakowski's injury and surgery there's no telling how long he'll be out of action or if or when he comes back how it will affect his performance.I'm thinking that Austin is looking at one of our upgrades needing to be on the O.L. for next season,and is looking at trying out the young stable of O.L the team has stock-piled from last year.On the outside of the line at tackle the Cats are solid with 2 stud imports in Figeuroa and Simmons.Right guard is also solid with Wojt,leaving the center and Left guard positions open for newcomers and competition in training camp.With Hage now gone after 10 seasons as a Cat,and Dyakowski's future after 7 seasons in doubt due to his injury,it looks like a changing of the guard on the Cat O.L moving forward in 2014 to a youth movement,it remains though to be seen if there is any potential in the lineman we now have moving forward.Barring injury or other unforeseen problems I can see the Cat O.L looking something like this for next season

LG....??????????????(J.Reinders/C.Husband/C.Rockhill/L.Rice.....1 starting,1 backup,1 practice
C......T.O'Neill (M.Filer)

Here is the list and ages of our Canadian Lineman currently under contract and status at end of season

P.Dyakowski......7 seasons,age 30....6'5"...325lbs...starter in 2013....status injured
T.O'Neill...........7 seasons,age 33....6'3"...305lbs...back-up in 2013
G.Wojt.............5 seasons,age 28....6'4"...300lbs...starter in 2013
M.Filer.............2 seasons,age 24....6'2"...300lbs...practice roster
C.Husband........2 seasons,age 25....6'7"...307lbs...injury list
J.Reinders........2 seasons,age 26....6'8"...312lbs...practice roster
C.Rockhill.........0 seasons,age 24....6'6"...284lbs...practice roster(0 games dressed)
L.Rice..............0 seasons,age 26....6'6"...315lbs...practice roster(0 games dressed)

Bobo, I agree with you. If Austin had plans for Hage, he would've protected him. Your list shows both decent quality and better than average depth on the O-line. A lot will depend on how well Dyakowski can come back. Also, there's plenty of time to add to the list before training camp.

An Argo-Cat fan

In the 2013 draft, the Cats took Brent Urban from Virginia. He's 6'7" 295 from Mississauga. He was a defensive end but the Cats have thought about putting him on the Oline. The Cavalier's record was 2-10 this year, so you won't see Brent in a bowl game unless it's the Shrine or Senior Bowl. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Don't write off the smartest Canadian in the world just yet.
He might not be ready for the start of camp but he could be ready to start the season.
Not much word yet on the schedule for his recovery unfortunately.

Not to worry,not writing off Pete,just a little worried,like everyone else on exactly how bad and serious that injury was in the Grey Cup. Dyakowski is one off my favs on the team,how can anybody not like the guy???? I'm hoping we have him here for a few more years and unlike Marwan, he gets to retire as a Cat,with of course a Grey cup ring or two :cowboy:
Here's hoping it's not as serious as we think,and his rehab goes smoothly,and we see Pete in his familiar #67 sometime next year. :thup: :thup:

Well we know that Filer is a C/G, and the rest are G/T. It will be good to have depth at tackle, especially if Simmons and Figueroa go down.