TiCats sign ex-argo QB Kilgore, QB Matt Johnson released

Ticats Staffby TICATS STAFF| JUNE 12, 2017

[i]The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Monday that the football club has signed international free agent quarterback Logan Kilgore.

Kilgore, 27, dressed in all 18 games with the Toronto Argonauts last season, making seven appearances and starting three times. Overall, he registered 63 completions on 114 pass attempts (55.3%) for 728 yards with two touchdowns and 10 interceptions. Kilgore made his first-career CFL start on July 31 at Ottawa, posting 322 passing yards and engineering a fourth-quarter comeback for a 23-20 win over the Redblacks.

The 6-3, 206-pound native of Rocklin, California, signed as an undrafted free agent with the National Football League’s New Orleans Saints in 2014 and attended training camp with the team before joining the Argos later that season. Kilgore played four seasons at Middle Tennessee State University (2010-13) before turning pro, totaling 692 career completions (67%) for 7,849 passing yards and 53 touchdowns, and adding 208 rushing yards on 96 attempts with four touchdowns. He became the first player in school history to have three-straight 2,000-yard seasons (2011-13), completing at least 200 passes and 16 touchdowns in all three campaigns.[/i]

The Tiger-Cats also announced the following player has been released:
INT – QB – Matt Johnson

Je ne crois pas qu'il faille fonder beaucoup d'espoir sur Kilgore. En ce qui me concerne, il ne m'a jamais impressionné.

Amen to that LeStaf . I guess as long as all we’re bringing in Kilgore to do is carry a clipboard then we should be alright .
The guy was awful last year as his 2 td to 10 int ratio of 1 to 5 would attest to . We better hope and pray that neither Collaros or Masoli go down because we will be in a heap of trouble if we have to press Kilgore into any action under centre for an extensive period of time . Hopefully we are just bringing him to be an extra arm in practice until Golson is back up and running , which hopefully will be sooner than later .

And so the injury parade begins......

steve milton? @miltonatthespec 3m3 minutes ago
Kent Austin: (QB Everett) Golson will be out indefinitely right now." Why Logan Kilgore was quickly signed.

milton? @miltonatthespec 2m2 minutes ago
Kilgore watched closely but didn't do drills in practice. Got in at 3 a.m. from California. #Ticats #CFL

steve milton? @miltonatthespec 1m1 minute ago
Kilgore and former No. 5 Cody Keith will both get time Friday vs. #Argos. But Kilgore will have basic plays.

The staff seemed to have high hopes for their revised training schedules and routines. And then there was the conspiracy group theories about the turf at THF. Now we have the parade of injuries and we have yet to use THF, or if we have, it is only a minimal amount.

Maybe the staff have it backwards, maybe they are too easy on the training regimes, and then when the players are under pressure, they break? Surely we can’t be heading out on a third or fourth consecutive season of constant injuries? Something has to be wrong and in need of a fix?

Injuries suffered during the battle of a game are unavoidable unfortunately. You just need to be lucky. And not to be cruel but the QBs that are injured will not affect the Cats one bit. The new QB was added to help finish the next preseason game and throw some balls during the remainder of camp.

I would can kilgore now and sign price.

Ottawa lost Drew Tate last Thursday, out indefinitely, and a Canadian "O" lineman gone for the season and another Canadian "O" lineman out indefinitely.

Knock on wood but we are not in bad shape at all compared to the last 4 years injury wise coming out of camp.

... what? Austin said in his press conference TODAY that they got a ton of guys back yesterday. Everyone is getting healthy, most injuries are not serious at all, with a few exceptions. Matt Johnson done for the season potential 4th QB, and Ed Williams, WR hopeful, broke his arm/wrist at practice. Turf comment makes no sense as they play on turf both at THF and at Mac.

Not sure where you are getting this "parade of injuries" stuff from.. can you guys even list the guys we have injured? It is clear that the focus of staying healthy and adaptation of the schedule is working. Last year we lost like 3 or 4 guys for the year in TC. This year we've lost 1 guy in actual camp, on a freak injury (Williams).

Sounds positive Dogsfan. I hope you're right and the injury bug is behind us.

Availability in the Quarterback depth pool gets bigger as you go down it, we'll be fine. :thup:

It is concerning that Emanuel Davis and Mike Daly are missing Camp and Craig Butler is still not up to speed yet after missing all of last season.


Just look at the play where Johnson got hurt. His foot got trapped under someone at a bad angle as he was being brought down. An event like that, and a player's ability to withstand it, have nothing to do with the schedule the Cats keep in camp. Some injuries are simply outside your control. The Cats' goal with their new-look training schedule is to limit injuries that might be influenced by factors they can control.

"Not sure where you are getting this "parade of injuries" stuff from.. can you guys even list the guys we have injured?"

The key word is "begins"......

How many injuries does it take to make a parade?

Predicting "there will be injuries" is about as bold as predicting "there will be interceptions".

What's the actual minimum number of person-games missed to injury you're predicting, and how does it compare to last year?

I think we were kind of fortunate in that those 2 both know the defence pretty well.. mind you, it will be different under Reinebold. I think Kanneh missing time hasn't helped.. I'm not sure if he's back as I haven't been able to make it to practice since Sunday. Craig Butler particpated on Sunday, although apparently sat out today for a maintenance day.

Did I make a prediction?? Just voiced a concern and was not intending to be bold. This is your interpretation.

Comparing this year’s, when training camp is not even done. to a complete schedule from last year is hardly equal or reasonable.

Merely looking at the list over the last couple of years and how it has affected the results has me concerned for this year. It has been content for writers during that period too (Drew and Steve)

It’s not only the number but the positions affected as well. Collaros has lost considerable playing time due to injuries in the last two years. I’m not the only one on this forum who has expressed apprehension for this season that way. We’ve already lost two backups, one for the length of the season. The signal caller is kind of important.

Think you're kinda making a mountain out of a mole hill here. We lost a POTENTIAL 4th string QB. Likely would have never seen the field in the regular season anyways. Not to mention he's a first year player so he barely knows the play calls.

Its just annoying hearing about injuries over and over. Austin and the team have done their homework and their approach seems to be working. Less avoidable injuries, more healthy bodies.