TiCats sign Dylan Wynn

We have apparently signed former Arblow, former AAF defensive tackle Dylan Wynn

Fantastic signing!! :slight_smile:
The guy is mean and nasty

Our interior Dline is now the best in the League.
They can’t double team both Teddy and Dylan,it’s gonna be crazy! 8)

Our starting D-Line should now be

Westerman, Ted Laurent, Dylan Wynn, Ja’Gared Davis

Full story here: What the Dylan Wynn signing means for the Ticats

I fid this interesting:

The Ticats have had a number of very good defensive tackles play beside Ted Laurent, from Bryan Hall to Drake Nevis to Jason Neill to Whitlock, but the signing of Wynn is the first time in a long time that the Ticats looked outside their own scouting to fill that void. That should tell you a lot about how the team views Wynn.
As a group, the entire projected starting D-line joined the team as veteran starters from other teams.

For just about every other unit on the team (receivers, O-line, DBs, QBs), our guys were recruited or drafted or given their first shot as a starter by Hamilton.

Our DL looks like a serious threat now. Top 5 DE in Davis. #1 DT in Laurent. all star at the other DT in Wynn. Westerman who once had 17… count em 17! Sacks with the bombers

On paper it looks good. But we will see if Westerman has a bounce back season.

Yeah, my spidey senses are tingling that we may go import for the other DE...save some $$$ releasing the Westerman contract