TiCats sign Dominique Ellis(again) and others

Who said it's a fluke? Obviously it's The Curse.

Don’t you get this feeling in your bones that as long as Austin is coaching this "Curse " is not going away?

No, I don't get that feeling . I didn't blame Coach Sazio when Herb Paterra blew out his knee or Teddy Page broke his Jaw or Hal Patterson lost his spleen. Do Jay fans blame Gibby for Sanchez's blisters? Injuries happen and hopefully the pendulum will start swinging in our favour, again.

A day later, Coach Austin corrected himself:
The expected recovery time for Keon Lyn is 9-12 MONTHS, not weeks.

Pat, good points about the injury history under Coach "throws-around-nickels-like-manhole-covers." (Good history lesson too).

But don't forget, little Teddy never missed a game with the broken jaw...that's when I started wearing #15 for every team I ever played on...

8) How right you are regarding Ted Page and his broken Jaw !!
   His jaw was wired shut and all he could eat was protein shakes, yet he never missed a game  in the playoffs !!
   These old timers make these guys today look like babies !!!

   As a side note regarding Ted Page, he ended up marrying a classmate of mine and former Hill Park Cheerleader ,
   Anna Fraser.....and guess what...they are still married after all these years !!!   <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D --> 

    Teddy Page, the best example of a true tough TiCat !!!    <!-- s:D -->:D<!-- s:D -->

I'm starting to wonder how the team arrives at the decision not to play a player because of injury. Medical staff? Coaching staff? Player? Some combination of the three? Some injuries are obvious - Lyn has a broken leg, Fantuz had an ACL repair. But what about the nagging muscle problems. Player says he can't go? Coach doesn't like the way he is practising? Medical staff not sure about re-injury or damage?

Maybe some guys don't know the old adage - play when hurt, rest when injured? Not saying our guys are malingering, but maybe a little freezing and a bit of tape would go a long way in the training rooms?

Was Anna any relation to Cam?

8) No, Anna was not related to good old Cam :wink: