TiCats sign Dominique Ellis(again) and others

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced Tuesday that the football club has signed three free agents to practice roster agreements, including international defensive back Dominique Ellis, international offensive lineman Ryker Mathews and national linebacker Curtis Newton.

[url=http://ticats.ca/tiger-cats-sign-defensive-back-ellis-offensive-lineman-mathews-and-linebacker-newton/]http://ticats.ca/tiger-cats-sign-defens ... er-newton/[/url]

The Tiger-Cats also announced a series of other transactions on Tuesday.

The following two players have been released:
NAT – DB – Tristan Doughlin
NAT – OL – Mathieu Dupuis

The following player has been placed on the six-game injured list:
INT – DB – Keon Lyn

And, draft pick NAT RB Thomas-Erlington has been put on the Active Roster for the first time.

Ryker Mathews was highlighted in the Neg. List series on the Cat site. He is a large lad!

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Practice update

steve milton? @miltonatthespec 5m5 minutes ago
DB Abdul Kanneh in uniform for #Ticats practice. #CFL

steve milton? @miltonatthespec 25m25 minutes ago
#Ticats having regular-type practice rather than Day 1 "walk-through" type that was on original sked. #CFL

This guy looked great in preseason

Didn't Ellis post something kind of inflammatory when he was released? Or am I thinking of someone else?

He tweeted 4 days before the final cuts were announced:

You can only control yourself but when you put in the work and it goes unnoticed take it as disrespect, and make them pay.
— Pop (@DominiqueEllis7) June 13, 2017

“steve milton? @miltonatthespec 5m5 minutes ago
DB Abdul Kanneh in uniform for #Ticats practice. #CFL

Great news!!!

Now if we can Emmanuel Davis back in uniform…

I think its time for the team to admit that they are now in a "rebuilding year".

They may not have a choice if the fans and the ticket buyers are seeing it that way....and behave accordingly (complacency).

Not so fast! :roll:

Drew Edwards?Verified account @scratchingpost 45m45 minutes ago
#Ticats DB Adbdul Kanneh practiced fully today but Austin says he's unsure whether he'll be ready for Saturday vs. #CalStampeders. #CFL

There goes my happy dance!!!!

Yep year 17 of the 5 year plan

Once these two are back we will be a solid D back there Then Butler ? :cowboy:

Hard to believe the 2 big FA signings have yet to suit up for the team. The defensive backfield was obviously identified as a major position of need. We brought a billion DBs to camp. How can management be faulted, they were very proactive.
Really unfortunate more than anything.

Thanks. I guess he can also take it as disrespect that no other team picked him up. Hope he steps up his game.

What about the Offence what is only running on two cylinders??

8) Really is unbelievable this injury history here in Hamilton !!
   Two years ago our big free agent signing was Demond Washington....missed the whole year due to training camp 
    injury.   Returns this season and plays in the first regular season game and looks terrible !!  Been demoted to the 
     injury list since then.

     Now Kennah and E. Davis injured in training camp.....both our big free agent signings this year.

     From what I hear, Davis may be out for a long time, while Kennah may return shortly.
     There is obviously something amiss with the training or preparation of these players  in training camp, with these 
      injuries to happen on a yearly basis !!  This is not just a fluke !!

      As far as Craig Butler goes, he just may miss another entire season !!  I know, his injury came on his own due to 
      off season training, but who knows if he will ever play again ??

      As far as Dominique Ellis is concerned,  he was one of the weakest links in our D backfield last year, and now they 
      bring him back after cutting him in training camp   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->   <!-- s:oops: -->:oops:<!-- s:oops: -->

Makes you wonder what’s going on. Very weird.

Regarding comments in this thread on injuries, the coach touched on several of them in his meet with the media session today:


Included .... Shortill, who has been an impressive new TiCat, has a foot injury and could be missing a game or more. Butler won't be in anytime real soon. Lyn had surgery on Friday to repair his broken femur. 9-12 weeks is the expected recovery time, but that may not mean recovery and ready to play. Kanneh practising but still being assessed. And more.