Ticats sign diamond in the rough QB J'Mar Smith

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Actually if there was never a covid outbreak, J'Mar Smith would be still playing for the
Patriots. You see the NFL because of the covid problem, they decided to cut the
number of players allowed on NFL teams practice rosters from 90 to 80 players.
This is because they wanted to cut down on the players to make more space
between them in the locker room.
Right after that decision by the NFL, ThePatriots cut 6 players and one was Smith.
So Burt and Smith are great pickups by our ticat staff.

Thanks for the Intel GotC1. I did not know that NFL teams were cutting back on their roster sizes. These 2 guys are indeed great pickups.

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With our current depth at QB I can't see how he could possibly challenge for a roster spot. At best, I see him as a PR player. Of course this could all change depending on what he shows at TC and/or if we run into an unfortunate string of QB injuries.

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In baseball , you can never have enough pitching . In football , perhaps , the more QBs the better . Back in the day , we had : Faloney , Zuger, and Cosentino , Marler and Smith , and now we have Masoli , Evans , Knipp , Hayden , Simmons , Smith , and Watford .

It appears that we're looking for a number 3 and number 4 .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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The guy seems impressive. Can say good bye to Masoli :wink:

But 7 QBs right now?

Troll on signor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: In a shortened season , 2 veteran QBs ( Masoli, Evans) with a returning set of running backs and receivers puts us ahead of the Als , Argos , and Ottawas .

Pat Lynch (the aged one)


If the Patriots were able to keep Smith on the practice roster, he would have made #3 QB. They were high on him because he was the only QB that was two dimensional.
He didn't have a chance to prove himself, bacause the other three QB's had
experience and he didn't. There was just no room for him at the time.

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It is too bad that the CFL is going down to only 2 QBs on the starting roster.
He would be battling for the practice roster position, he would have to beat out Watford and we don't know much about the other 3 QBs they have signed.

Personally, I do not see the point in this roster change, and do not like it. I realize that the number 3 guy rarely gets into the game, but how else do you develop a young guy? At least he gets to listen in on calls and coaching conferences. Must be a salary saver thing.

I can't see the Ticats hanging onto both Masoli and Evans in 2022. So this could be
a replacement for one of them. Which could help the Cats extend a winning streak
for many years.

[quote="atlanticflfan, post:9, topic:70842"]

It is too bad that the CFL is going down to only 2 QBs on the starting roster ....[/quote]

The CBA says teams, in this final year of the agreement, "Must dress 2 QBs." However, it's my understanding that a team can still choose to dress a 3rd QB as one of the maximum number of 20 American players. An active roster, compared to 2019, will have one less player dressed (44) and included will be one more Global player dressed (2). So a team could dress a maximum of 20 Americans, plus 20 Canadians, 2 Globals and 2 QBs Or, they could choose to dress a maximum of 19 Americans, plus 20 Canadians, 2 Globals and 3 QBs.

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Can’t see any team wanting to do that as probably all but 7 of your starters are American, and those not starting often rotate in? If I have my arithmetic right.

Well you can thank Randy "Bo-bandy" and his useless Global 2.0 project and agenda for this as it assures that the team has to dress an extra bench warmer from parts unknown in place of a 3rd QB .

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Not going to lie.... Spot on. To quote the great Def Leppard, Pour Some Talent On Me

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More like Def Leppard's "Bring On The Heartbreak"

Masoli is going to break records this season with these recieved!! This will be a very special year for the Tigercats.


But what about his CD collection? LOL!

That would be impressive in a 12-game or 14-game regular season. Final stats might look like it's the 1970s again - although hopefully without all the disco and wide collars.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I also was thinking that setting records this year might be extremely tough in a 14 game season, but then I thought the only records that counts is who wins the Grey Cup. So yes, I am hoping for a repeat of 1972 - Grey Cup home win in December (regular season record of 11 - 3). I wonder if Mark's carries bell bottom jeans? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: