Ticats sign defensive lineman Joseph LeBeau

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2014/03/ticats-sign-defensive-lineman-joseph-lebeau.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2014/ ... ebeau.html[/url]

Undersized rush-end at small school in college. Scouted & slotted as a SS for the pros. Tried as an OLB with the Rams in the NFL. Weight has fluctuated from 217 to 245.

Interesting to see if they play him on the edge or at WILL DE. My guess is DE.

Remember ... Montford played @ 225 pounds. Elfrid Payton @ 230. James "Quick" Parker wasn't all that big either.

This guy sounds impressive, however, I keep hearing a lot about defensive signings and in my opinion, not nearly enough
about signings for the "O" line. I continue to feel that this is our primary weak spot.

I don't think the cats will bring in any more O lineman, maybe 1 or 2 from free agency or the draft. Austins made it clear he thinks highly of our young O lineman. I can see either O'Neill or Wojt being Center. if they go with O'Neill who has seen action in every game hes played in since he got here, I can see our O line looking like

LT Simmons LG Myddelton C O'Neill RG Wojt RT Big Fig

With Rockhill, Rice, Reinders, Husband, Dile, Filer all knowing how to play guard and tackle we have depth. And Dyakowski will be back mid season. I think our O line will do just fine ans a lot of these young guys are ready to make an impact :cowboy:

Most of the players you mention haven’t shown me much thus far. I hope you’re right.
In terms of having enough talent anywhere, I don’t think they should ever stop looking.