TiCats sign DB Johnny Sears

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#Ticats announce the signing of former #Bombers DB Johnny Sears. Provides more experience in the secondary. #CFL

Tiger-Cats Sign Defensive Back Johnny Sears Jr.
2015-05-11 14:45:27
HAMILTON - The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed international free agent defensive back Johnny Sears Jr.

[b]Sears Jr., a 6-1, 193-pound native of Fresno, California, joins the Tiger-Cats after spending the past five seasons with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. In 35 career games, Sears Jr. registered 127 tackles, six interceptions, four fumble recoveries and one sack. The 28-year-old also totaled 200 kick return yards on 11 attempts (18.2 yards per return) for the Bombers.

"Johnny is an incredibly athletic and versatile defender. He can play more than one position in our defensive backfield, and has the ability to make the type of big plays that can change the outcome of a game," said Ticats General Manager and Head Coach Kent Austin.

Prior to arriving in Winnipeg, Sears Jr. played in four preseason games with the Cincinnati Bengals in 2010 after earning a free agent tryout. The Eastern Michigan product started nine games during his senior season with the Eagles, making 37 tackles, seven pass deflections and one blocked punt. He also returned 33 kickoffs for 755 yards (22.8 yards per return).[/b]

Good player, physical. If healthy. And that's IF. 35 games over 5 seasons, so basically 35 out of a possible 90 regular season games. Loved it when he was on the field, frustrated when he was off it for long stretches. If he can overcome those issues he'll be a solid pickup for you guys.

I was waiting for this signing. Glad to see we grabbed the last good DB available in free agency.

I think of Johnny Jr. as a hard hitter, and a sometimes late hitter, but mostly as a guy allowed by the league, for some unknown reason, to display a misuse of the generational suffix “Jr.” on the back of his jersey. I welcome him to the Hammer with the hope that he displays only the first expressed of my three impressions of him when he’s sporting the black and gold.

Don't like his penchant for the late/dirty hit, but I'm sure Austin won't tolerate that stuff here. If he can stay healthy and keep it clean, he can contribute. He is a talented player.

There's a NFL player with SR on his jersey. LOL

Sounds like a perfect replacement for Breaux.

Oops. Was that out loud?

I thik Sears is a fine talent, and he has the advantage of being versatile; he can play, and play well, several positions. Now, if he can stay healthy and cut out the occasional cheap shots, he's a keeper.

Not a Cornerback therefore far from the perfect replacement.

I stand to be corrected, but I do believe that in Winnipeg he played HB, and corner, and SAM linebacker.

And, there was an XFL player with “He Hate Me” on his jersey. That was intentional nonsense to attract attention.
As for the CFL and the NFL – Two wrongs don’t make a right!

You're not honestly comparing the XFL (founded by the WWE) with the NFL and the CFL in terms of credibility??

Name I'd like to see on the back of a jersey:

Dyakowski, Esq.

Because really, who else would do that?

He may have wide shoulders, but not wide enough for that!

I'm honestly not, old fan. I'm just saying that because, as pointed out by TeddyFay, there's a case of something similar in the NFL that doesn't make it right for the CFL.

I wonder if Johnny is planning to present Rico Murray with an offer to purchase -- his jersey number (if "0" is really a number .... but that's a debate for elsewhere)?

Signed, almost 3 weeks ago, he's yet to be assigned a number (other than "0") on the team roster and my guess is that's because he's hoping to get the goose egg. Strange too, on the roster -- Posey and Felder both listed as #37 -- also both Woodson and Holley as #25.

Also noted on the new format, alpha only, roster is his listing as "Sears Jr., Johnny" which really should be Sears, Johnny Jr. That led me to check the Ravens' site and they, too, incorrectly do the same thing listing "Smith Sr., Steve." It's just a thing that bugs me but, like the writer of the commentary linked below, I'm going to "pick up my flag" and let it go. At least I found someone who understands my point and explains it probably better than my attempts:

[url=http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/opinion/oped/bs-ed-smith-sr-20141016-story.html]http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/opinio ... story.html[/url]