Ticats sign Congi


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Have learned that the #Ticats have signed K/P Luca Congi. #Riders #CFL


Good signing and dependable K/P when called upon; Luca's stats in the above link.

His kicking stats were decent put his punting is atrocious. 34 yd avg.? That's awful

Nice to see a "local" get a shot here. I'm happy with the signing. i'm sure his leg is healed and according to this article he has been anticipating a call.

[url=http://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=luca%20congi&source=web&cd=4&sqi=2&ved=0CEoQFjAD&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.leaderpost.com%2Fsports%2FFormer%2BRoughrider%2BLuca%2BCongi%2Bpatiently%2Bwaiting%2Banother%2Bchance%2F6267189%2Fstory.html&ei=c3prT_D-A8rY0QHEydG5Bg&usg=AFQjCNGS4JRfd79nBSrqiP_TcwxTl48rbQ]http://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=l ... cwxTl48rbQ[/url]

Welcome to "The Hammer" Luca. :thup:

No one can replace Medlock, but Congi is just as good and he's Canadian. His punting average is 38 yards which is slightly lower than Medlock's. It's a really good pick up for the Cats.

Glad Luca is getting a shot but just as good as Medlock ! Seriously ?

Congi couldn't kick his way out of a wet paper bag. There better be someone else in TC ............ what a horrible mistake.

Nice :roll: We'll see :wink:

Here's hoping that he won't have to kick that much (not that he can't), i'm pretty sure that's why we have Burris, Fantuz, Mallet, Williams, Grant and Stala :wink:

Sort of an inherently contradictory statement, isn't it?

Congi is no where near as good as Medlock. He is a serviceable field goal kicker, but that’s it. Medlock’s punting average wasn’t as good as some others in the league because he got more hang time. Teams never had any success returning punts against us because by the time the ball got to the returner, there were several Ticats waiting right there.

However, I do like this signing because the more competition there is in camp, the better. There is nothing wrong with having two Canadian kickers (One fg kicker and one punter). So if Congi makes the team and can hit +80% of his field goals, then that’s great. But he is not “just as good” as Medlock.

Huge step backwards.

Good signing I would say. Yes, tough to replace Medlock but at least we have a known kicker now. Punting, well, that could be an issue.

Good placekicker, iffy punter. Kind of like our kicker in Montreal, actually. Field position should be a battle when our two teams meet. Medlock always put us behind the eight-ball with his punts.

Good for Luca. I love the guy. EXCELLENT placekicker, although a rather sharp dropoff in percentage once you hit 50 yards, extremely reliable 45 and under. But what is most impressive is his pressure kicks. Game tied in the last minute, WILL NOT FAIL.

I don't think the Riders treated him very well last year either.

As for punting, yeah hasn't been all that impressive,but he did have a 40 yard average his last year at SFU. It probably has more to do with placement technique than leg strength. Still, as good as Congi is, you'll want to have a separate punter.

I can make one deduction with 100% certainty out of this post. That being that Wildcats hasnot watched a single Riders game in the last 6 years.:stuck_out_tongue:

Good pickup. He has a very accurate kick inside 45, struggles at that point though. For those of you not familiar, the Riders often brought in the punter to kick longer FGs as he had more leg. And yes, as mentioned, he is not the greatest punter, which is why the Riders generally had a kicker and a punter. Great guy, and a consistent player with a solid work ethic...unfortunately for Congi, Milo just worked out extremely well last year, and was really one of the few highlights for the club through an otherwise grim season.

I hope his leg is 100% after the nasty injury.

Couldnt agree more. We might as well mail in the 2012 season ladies and germs because no bar stool is effective with 2 legs. We will have no special teams this season, good luck with that :roll:

Luca averages 35 yards and punt and struggles to hit 47 yard f/g's in warmups, it's official, we're screwed, back to the bottom of the east we go! :thdn:

"better is better" eh Obie?


WTF are you talking about, a kicker isn't going to make or break a team. He looks decent, nothing special but he should be able to get the job done.