TiCats sign Cleshawn Page

Ticats agree to terms with defensive back Cleshawn Page

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have agreed to terms with defensive back Cleshawn Page, per sources.

The 24-year-old Page has played parts of the last two seasons with the Ticats and was the team’s starting boundary in the East Semi-Final loss to the Edmonton Eskimos last November.

He has played five games in his career, making two starts and amassing six defensive tackles.

Page will compete for a spot in what is rapidly becoming a crowded secondary. The team has 10 international defensive backs already on the roster, including free agent pick ups Abdul Kanneh and Emanuel Davis (who re-signed with the club.)

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:rockin: He's one of our free agents I really wanted signed. I was impressed with his speed and close coverage down field, in the games be played late in each of the past two seasons, and have high hopes for his future here.

Yup I like this re-signing too. Glad to see him back. I think he was released after training camp because of injury (I could be wrong) and brought back late in the season because of the high number of DBs who were out of action. Sounds like there's lots of DBs so there should be a good competition for available starting spots come training camp.

I think he wins a starting job at camp this season

Looking at the roster the Cats are loaded deep in DB's for this season . There are currently no less than 17 already signed up at the present time . 11 imports and 6 Canadians as it stands right now , with only 5 starting positions and perhaps 4 or 5 reserve spots available at best the competition should be fierce in T.Camp this year. You would have to think that barring injury that Emanuel Davis , Abdul Kanneh , Courtney Stephen and as long as they don't switch him to the vacant SAM spot that Craig Butler are yer locks as starters . It would seem that the one vacancy is at the one CB spot or even both corners based on how the team decides to utilize both Butler ( S / SAM) and Stephen ( S / CB) .

I like Page's chances at locking down one of the starting spots . I think it will come down to between Page and Washington ahead of Vaughan . The team has a number of options this year and plenty of depth compared to last year when the back field it seemed was a dumpster fire all season long . Also we have to keep in mind that with no current SAM lb's listed on the roster at the moment with the departures of Murray , Raymond and Sears that the team could be looking at converting a DB or two over to fill the vacant position this year. I have a feeling that the team could be looking at the newly acquired Ethan Davis at the position or like I said perhaps Butler if they decide to keep Stephen at Safety. It should be a very interesting T. Camp indeed this year seeing where all the pieces fall into place and see who and where exactly the team decides to use the personnel in the D-backfield and at the vacant SAM lb position.

Cats DB's currently on the roster
A . Kanneh (starter) (HB )
Em. Davis (starter) (HB )
Et. Davis (starter )(SAM ?)
C . Page (starter) (CB)
C . Davis
D . Washington ( starter ? )(CB )
D . Ellis
C. Vaughan ( starter ? )(CB )
T. Lee
K. Lyn (rookie)
A. Ofori (rookie)

C . Stephen (starter) (CB or S )
C . Butler (starter) ( S or SAM )
J . Langa
M. Daly (starter ?) ( S )
E . Douglas
T. Storie (rookie)

With this plethora of DB's signed and Rico gone,
Is it now time or safe to just assume that Butler will be SAM with Shortill as Back up, Daly as Safety and Stephen as CB?

I do not know a lot about Washington other than what i had read last year. He was a man of intrigue for me and his injury sure hurt our defensive backfield.
Shaking out the numbers a bit. With Butler back he will be a starting National at SAM or Safety.
Courtney Stephen back to corner.
M. Daly
J . Langa provide excellent backup options for safety and ST demons.

How about Ethan Davis from Montreal with National Shortill backing him up at SAM?

:thup: Plethora! Love it. Got to be one of the few times that 'plethora' has been used in a discussion of football teams or players? Ple-th-or-A or Ple-THOR-a? No wonder I keep coming back to this site. Now we need to get 'penultimate' into one of our posts. Keep up the good work. :D