Ticats Sign Burns and Cotteral

The following is an article posted today on the tsn.ca website:

"Hamilton, Ontario – The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that the team has signed non-import defensive back Nick Burns and import defensive end Aaron Cotteral.

Burns, a 6-1, 209-pound product of McMaster played five seasons (2002-06) with the McMaster University Marauders. In 22 career games he made 51.5 total tackles (44 solo), one interception, one forced fumble and four quarterback sacks.

Cotteral, a 6-1, 226-pound native of Simpsonville, South Carolina spent four seasons at Lenoir-Rhyne where he recorded 124 total tackles (57 solo), two forced fumbles, one blocked kick and 14 quarterback sacks. Cotteral garnered an All-South Atlantic Conference selection as a senior."

Nick Burns....finally the Ti-cats reveal their secret weapon!!......

Maybe Burns will get a look at safety. And Cotteral is probably one of the "designated hitters" Desjardins wanted to try out for the Rush End position opposite McKay-Loescher.

We signed a Mcmaster player? Apparently Marshall is still secretly involved with the organization.

You know , although Burns stands little chance in making the Ticats , and no matter what other people on here say about Mac . It has and continues to be a SOLID SOLD program and they will continue to send players to the CFL . watch the job Marshall does at Western this season !!!!

How come no comment on Cotteral ?? I`ll bet he stands the same chance as Burns to make this team !!!!

there both jus bodies to hit for training camp, i betcha both wont even make it, late signings now rnt signing of the future really, its Training camp meat to see wut they got n if they got nothing then there jus used as hitting bags

Well...I know I'm new here and frankly haven't been following football all that long so I have to admit that there might be fans on this board who can run circles around me....but it seems to me that maybe the Ticats do need fresh blood and saying the the increased number of rookies to training camp is simply for use as punching bags is insulting to the guys on the field, the coaches and all those players who forked out hundreds of dollars to attend the open tryout the other day. Maybe some of the "shoe-ins" deserve to face some guys in camp with guts and heart.....and there just might be some big surprises in the end....
Just my two cents anyway... :slight_smile:

well welcome to the forums sweetpea!
p.s i did say they were signed to see what they got, so yes the r in camp to obvi compete im just saying thats what most likley is the situation with late signings from here n now on usually, but who knows what will happen this year honestly, i have noo clue.

I seriously doubt that the cats would bring in "bodies to hit" for training camp given last years performance. Make no mistake: these guys are here to play football.