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"The Hamilton Tiger-Cats signed non-import defensive lineman Matt Kirk on Tuesday.

“Matt has been a steady Canadian defensive lineman throughout his career,” explained general manager Bob O’Billovich in a media release. “Matt’s experience, character and pass rushing skills make him a quality addition to our roster.”

The native of Kingston, Ontario had been a member of the B.C. Lions for the last three seasons. He won the Grey Cup with the Lions in 2006.

He was originally drafted by the Ottawa Renegades (38th overall) in the 2004 Canadian Draft. Kirk spent his university years at Queen’s."

Sounds eerily similar to NML. Hopefully this signing works out.

Sorry, too many windows up.....it is at tsn.ca

The danger is it is hard to read a guy (Kirk) who was playing beside a monster like Cameron Wake where offensive coaches scheme to stop that one stud lineman.

It’s a Canadian depth signing and that’s it. No harm done.

interesting enough ... this transaction is on cfl.ca - and yet rob murphy still shows as a free agent even with all the hoopla around his argos signing ...just saying ...

All the signings cant be big names.
You need CDN depth on the D-line he's better with tons more experience than Reid or Kania.



So you dont need CDN depth?

Will he be called Captain Kirk, or do we have one to many already.

[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bZKEhgieoc&feature=related]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bZKEhgi ... re=related[/url]

If Kirk can earn the Captain's title through his play ......... then Captain Kirk it is .......... all we need to do is find Spock, Scotty & Bones.

oh oh oh
Here is Spock
Alex Spock #10 still in HS though
POS: SE , DB HT/WT: 6' 1" / 195 CLASS: Senior

Here is Scotty in college
Scotty McKnight WR #21 | Colorado Buffaloes

and a retiree

Have a great day all

You too.

Beam me up!

What about Chekov, Sulu, and Uhura?

Ticat fans on their own "Star Trek" as they look for their new "star" - KK, or Tre Smith, or P-Rod?

Was he a starter? I cant say I heard of Kirk.

Get back with the thread....nerds. :lol:

8) LOL, yes he does !! Can't say I really have ever heard him mentioned before !!!!
 Another back up Canadian lineman, who will sit on the bench, unless he can play special teams  !!

Now come on people, let's give the kid a chance. Do you think there could have been a more difficult Dline to crack in the CFL??

I'm with BG on this one! and 99% of the things she says from now on :wink: Lloyd :wink:

In all honesty, BC's D-Line has been the best in the CFL for some time now, So I will give Kirk a chance until someone proves they are better.

Lets face it, Darrell Adams is the only player from last year's D-Line who basically showed any promise.