Ticats sign a very large DB

Drew Edwards reports the Ticats have signed import DB Erik Harris. The man is a massive 6'2" 220lbs so he is either extremely fast for his size or will be converted to LB.

His university profile:


Drew's post which includes some video on the player:

[url=http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2013/03/ticats-sign-db-ike-lands-on-his-feet-the-grey-cup-carousel-a-confederate-flag-controversy.html]http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2013/ ... versy.html[/url]

From Drew's article:

Looks like he played mostly safety, a little outside linebacker and handled the punting duties.
Only an inch taller, and ten pounds heavier than Hitchcock was, so not totally out of line at safety. And if he's got speed, and given the number sacks he got, that's possible, he could be a good one. But you may be right that he could end up at linebacker.

Brandon Browner was 6'3", 210lbs when he played for the Stamps...so it's not out of the question that he remains on the outside, either.

Edit: I should have read the post above mine...if he didn't play corner in college, he won't play corner or halfback in the period......duh slaps forehead

At the time of posting I had not watched the video yet. The video intro lists him as a Strong Safety/Outside Linebacker.

Based on his talents he would likely play FS or LB. Based on the aggressiveness and direct line to the ball he takes he could even play MLB with his size. The video also lists him as 225lbs vs. his school profile which lists 220lbs. Either way he has good size.

Gotta like anyone who's played for the Vulcans!

Maybe play a little like one of my favorite Cats Bobby Dawson.
Fellow old Cats fans will remember Bobby from 17 or so years back.
For the training camp inter squad games (Not even sure if it was called Black and Gold game) all the recievers wanted to know if they were with or against Bobby.
He would lay out the hits.

I remember Bobby Dawson like I just saw him play yesterday. He is that memorable.

He was one of the most feared players of that era. I even remember a Rocket Ismail (spelling?) interview from 92 where he pointed out that he hated playing Hamilton because our D hit so hard and he then pointed out Dawson in particular.

I also always liked Corris Ervin from the same era as Dawson. One of the best man to man cover guys in my life as a fan.

From his video this Harris guy looks very aggressive. Any D always needs more of that. Even when they don't start a player like that sets the tone for how aggressive others should be.

Just watched the video, and not only does it look like he hits hard, but he also knows how to wrap the player up at the same time.

Trying to figure out, though, what school in the States past middle school has a field with such small stands? Must be their practice field.

CALU is a very small school so that would explain the small stands. The total enrollment is only 9,400 which is small even by Canadian standards.

Simon Fraser University here in BC is a division II school just like CALU and has over 3.5x the students with 35,000+. Simon Fraser's stadium only holds about 1000. When they need a larger one they use Swanguard stadium which is where the WhiteCaps soccer team played before the BC Place reno. It's a city of Burnaby owned and holds approx. 5,300 spectators.

Some division III games draw less than 500 spectators so division II attendance could certainly be worse.

Wiki page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California ... nnsylvania

School stadium (seats 6,500): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hepner-Bai ... on_Stadium

Wow, this guy is a monster very impressive I hope that they give this guy a good look, he could be our linebacker of the future with his size speed and football instincts.