Ticats Sign A Running Back

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The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have reportedly signed University of Maine running back Jhamal Fluellen.

The Lockport, New York native hasn't played football since 2008, spending last year on Maine's track team as a sprinter.

He tells the Portland Press Herald that the Ticats want to see what he can do as a kick returner.

Fluellen, who once had surgery to correct a heart condition, rushed for 1,052 yards in 2007 before an injury-plagued 2008 season.

as soon as i saw the track team thing - I thought punt returner.I wonder whose our current starter/secondary/etc..
line-up?? If they are looking for returners (+other reasons) then I'm guessing Cobb is the idea right now 2 start.
What Kenton Keith's health status???

I said i thought Tre Smith could be a possibility at the return but not to many people were feeling that idea..

Being a track star does not translate on the football field, mainly because they lack the burst or acceleration.

A football player needs to get to his top speed as quick as possible which is why they never time players in 100 yard dashes.

Lots of track stars would have the "burst" required for football, even though track events don't target it. And many pro football players ran track in college. The issue is the need for football-specific skills (catching, cutting, blocking), not lack of acceleration.

And on the general subject of 40 times, this is a good read:

[url=http://legacy.signonsandiego.com/uniontrib/20050418/news_1s18forty.html]http://legacy.signonsandiego.com/uniont ... forty.html[/url]


So you are saying a football player with their burst would be the first to the 40 yard mark over a sprinter???

I've seen other track stars play football and really didnt seem that fast. Terry Caulley was one of them.

But it seems this guy has a decent 40 time


Being a good returner isnt about being fast. Yes, obviously some speed is required but you must be able to change directions quickly without losing that speed. Sort of like a runningback coming in and out of his cuts.

Can't hurt to give the kid a look-see in training camp. Some track stars have had successful football careers (Bob Hayes) while others have not (Tommy Smith, John Carlos).