Ticats sign 3

Ordinary players with ordinary credentials.

Justice Powers is a 10/10 name.

Maybe our scouting staff should have consulted with you first before they signed these ordinary players.

Well said Krisiun .

Pat Lynch (the old dude)

Burse returned some kicks in the NFL. I believe the tradition on this board calls for someone to declare that either (a) he is the next Speedy B or (b) he looks a lot like Speedy B in his highlight reel.

(I’d settle for the Next Addison.)

That would not make them any more or less ordinary.

What is the maximum level of ordinariness (ordinariality?) we can reach in the CFL?

Need to know their respective schedules.

Somewhere around mediocre…

Powers was actually signed 6 weeks ago, and the others 2 weeks ago. The club could have included, in its confirmation announcement, Steven Dunbar Jr. who was, in fact, signed on Jan. 30th.

From Louisiana, he’s 6’3", 202, played four years ('14-'17) at the U. of Houston and has, since, spent some time with the 49ers and the Broncos, and then was on the roster of the new XFL’s Dallas Renegades, where I last see his name, on their Injured Reserve list, in mid December. Looking at that history, I find it surprising that he, from what I read, turned 24 just a month ago.

Source: https://www.cfl.ca/transactions/

Dunbar still appears on the XFL Dallas team’s injury reserve.
Him and Burse both look pretty good at WR.