TiCats sign 3

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The Ticats signed three players: receiver Giovanni Aprile, acquired in a trade with Winnipeg in January, defensive end Joseph LeBeau, who I told you abou on March 15, and linebacker David Caldwell, who started 13 games with the Colts in 2011 and collected 67 tackles. He's listed 5-foot-11, 212 pounds and played safety in the NFL so would likely be a wide side linebacker with the Cats.

Joe LeBeau - http://scratchingpost.thespec.com/2014/ ... ebeau.html

Giovanni(Johnny) Aprile - Aprile was selected by the Blue Bombers with the 16th overall pick in the 2012 CFL Draft. The 6-3, 213-pound native of Toronto caught 120 passes for 2,155 yards and 15 touchdowns over four seasons at Queen's. He earned recognition as a first-team OUA all-star in 2012 and a second-team all-star in 2011 and 2013.

Aprile went to training camp with the Bombers in 2012 where the team tried to convert him to a safety. It did not go well. He went back to Queens for not one but two more years of eligibility and didn't attend camp last spring.

I'm really glad to see that the team finally signed Aprile,I'm also hoping that they will let him compete for his natural position at receiver and not do what the B.B's did and apparently failed miserably at doing in converting him to safety.It's going to be very interesting and competitive at training camp to see who replaces the departed Stala and Charbonneau as the 2 backup Cdn receivers behind Fantuz and Giguere.it's looking right now like it will be a 4 way dog fight between Aprile,Armstrong,Distan and Coates,my guess is right now that Austin finds a way to keep all 4 around in some capacity,likely 2 make the 46 man active and the other two either IL or PR. Gazing into the crystal ball,barring any unforeseen injuries or misfortunes I can see our Canadian Airforce consisting of Fantuz,Giguere backed up by Aprile and Armstrong with the other two being kept around as added depth on the non active roster. Both Distan(Burlington Braves)and Coates(Hamilton Hurricanes)are classified as being junior players,and won't count against the roster cap for training camp.Either way you look at it,we have some nice depth at the position going into this season at T camp.

Aprille was also very good as a returner in the CIS.

After being drafted in 2012 GIO Aprile has finally signed after being acquired inn a trade that brought him to Hamilton.
Versatility will be his strong point for sure and coach Austin has proven to be one of the best in geting the most out of every player while on the 42 game day roster.
Austin was able to effectiveily use a two Qb system with the best use of the Wildcat that I have seen with Lefevour on a regular basis every game. Even using Masoli in a different run package for a game to achieve a goal. Wihtout those contributtions Hamilton does not get to the Grey Cup.

Aprile's Verasatility.
Punt and Kick Off returner
Coverage teams.
Big receiver 6'3"
Safety ( as former coach saw as his quickest way to get into a CFL lineup on offense or Defense.

If both Fantuz and Giguere stay healthy there is no need to rush Aprile onto the roster. They have a ton of Canadian depth to start and play Teams.

Austin has upped the competition at the safety spot with a ton of Canadian talent.
Bold Prediction is that Austin will envision Aprile as a Utility player for possibily the second part of the season. Starting the season on the 9 game IR where he can work on being a safety that can come in and play in a cover two package. Be a coverage teams player. With the process of a CIS receiver to a CFL receiver taking time could be an emergency Canadian receiver if needed. Also be in on Kick Off returns as well as being an emergency game returner if needed.

The vision of having a three way player Offense, defense, and teams. This could be a reality that teams may look to have at least one of these type of players on the smaller 42 man game roster.

He was told he will be a receiver and play special teams.

[b]In January, Aprile was acquired by the Ticats in exchange for Canadian defensive back Matt Bucknor and signed a contract with his new club on Friday. He's already been told that he'll be playing receiver with the Ticats

"I gave defence a shot, but I can tell you I'm happy to be back on the offensive side of the ball in Hamilton," Aprile said. "I feel a lot more comfortable."

And it's not like he can't catch the football. The 6-3, 213-pound native of Toronto hauled in 120 passes for 2,155 yards and 15 touchdowns over four seasons at Queen's. He earned recognition as a first-team OUA all-star in 2012 and a second-team all-star in 2011 and 2013.

The Ticats have started two Canadian receivers the past couple of seasons and Aprile should provide them with some depth behind Andy Fantuz and Sam Giguere, while contributing on special teams[/b]

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Yes Iknow and that is why Aprile was happy to go to the Cats. I did say it was a bold prediction and although he will be seen as a receiver right now things change and sometimes for the better for great football players and athletes. Ask Brad Sinopoli and others if they thought this is where they would be coming out of University

As I mentioned on the Cats sign three thread,with the signing of Aprile,the team now has a Canadian receiving contingent that is 6 deep.Fantuz and Giguere are your 2 starters and Aprile and Armstrong the reserves most likely replacing Stala and Charbonneau on the 46 man.The team still has the two juniors from the Hurricanes and Braves(Diston,Coates)who don't count towards the roster cap for T.Camp also around as territorial exemptions as likely P.R candidates and futures.IMO great depth at this position going into this season at a spot that was thin last year as we all saw when Fantuz got injured early and Giguere later in the season last year.When you consider that the Cats traded two players that in all likelihood weren't going to make the squad this year anyway in Bucknor and Charbonneau for Aprile and Armstrong respectively and with the release of Stala as well it looks like Austin has done a nice job of upgrading and restocking the Cdn receiver position on the roster.heading into this season. :smiley: :thup:

not too many first year Canadian receivers transition from the CIS to the CFL it usually takes awhile but I agree Aprile is a good one and unlike Charbaneau he can play teams like Armstrong which is a plus.

This is why I absolutely love seeing a league that makes Canadians an integral part of being potential champs. In your face, we love our Canadians and are trying to be sure they are respected. Bingo CFL. :thup:

Aprile torched York for 4 catches, 176 yards, 2 tds along with 2 punt returns for 122 yards and a td this past season ... from my first hand experience he seems like a beast. But York's defence took pleasure in getting torched this season so take that with a grain of salt.

Still I like the pick up a lot, I was mad when we cut Brescasin way back but Aprile should add good depth for training camp.

Hard to imagine a team that botched its NI talent base so badly as WPG did they couldnt find a place for him.

I just cant see how they did not even sign him the year they drafted him. If he was a top notch receiver and returner in the CIS, had the ability to play teams and also saw him as a posible starter at safety as well how do they not sign him the year he was drafted.
If it was an education decesion for him he could have gone ack for a year but two...
The CFL also sets up nicely for players to play in the 1st semester and go back to school in the second semester and be ready for camp. Players have their university facilities to work out in the off season as well as players to do so with and their is only one mini camp and that is on the weekend.
Austin and Chamblain are becoming masters of using the 9 game IR to keep extra players around. paid, secured, and ready to step in the second half of the season if needed do to injury or have rookies who need a year of polish