Ticats sign 3 Canadians


Happy to see Wladichuk back.

Same here, he was a pretty good ST and a half decent DB when he was here.

re-"Valberg, a 6-2, 200-pound native of Kingston, Ontario helped lead Queen's to their 2009 Vanier Cup championship after an impressive CIS career that saw him catch 164 passes for 2,917 yards and 21 touchdowns. Valberg was named a first-team CIS and OUA all-star in 2009 and 2008 after leading the CIS in receiving in each season. "--------------------------------- Another Fantuz

  • great work Obie :thup: Please take the big step and fraft the QB who threw all those great passes to Valberg- draft Branagan-another Flutie IMHO

Does anyone know the story on Valberg? He played SIX seasons at Queen's and was the top CIS receiver in both '08 & '09, and yet he' a free agent. Was he never drafted? I guess not and certainly wonder why.

Good hands no speed.

how do you know he has no speed?

Valberg is a stunning pickup.It may not be a headline breaker, but when you think of the talent we've gotten today i'm shocked that it isn't.We've got arguably the CIS's best OL, who was rated higher then both Carlson and Rottier in last year's draft, we've got a db who excelled in the CIS and showed us last season that he's made steps to be ready to play at the pro level (great ST, decent DB in '09 before leaving), and we've got one of the CIS's best WR's through his entire Queen's career.And not only are the Gael's the '09 Vanier cup champs,they breed stellar CFL talent year after year.Another under the radar, yet very effective move by Obie just before FA.Nice! :cowboy:

No disrespect to young Mr. Valberg. I hope he comes into the Ticat camp turns into another Dave Stala. But the reason he was over looked in the CFL draft as a WR IMO, from watching him play, is the lack of Pro WR speed. Maybe if he can learn to run good routes he can become a good possession receiver. A 4.5 to 4.6 seconds in the forty is about the ceiling for WR's in the Pros. 4.3 to 4.4 is what they really look for though. Valberg is probably in the 4.7 to 4.8 range.

I agree with 15 championships, these were great signings.

Wow! With the Cats not drafting in the 1st & 3rd rounds these signings really help. Wladichuk and potentially if Ryan Hinds from New Hampshire signs give the Cats a lot of non-import depth and competition in the secondary. The offensive line has lots of depth too with Rottier, Carlson and now Morencie. I think Bauman will have Valberg and Carter chasing at his heels for playing time. I would guess that the Cats might draft a linebacker or defensive lineman or pick K/P Rob Mavier if he's around now that there is so much depth on the O-line and at receiver. Good job Obie!

Nice signings. Ray Wladichuk looked good on special teams last year. Mike Morencie, who will play as a centre for the East Team in the East West Shrine Game this Saturday, may find a role as backup centre and guard this year if Cedric Gagne-Marcoux does not re-sign. As for Scott Valberg, if he is anywhere close in talent and determination to that other unheralded, undrafted Queens receiver named Rob Bagg who has proven himself with the Riders, he will be a welcome addition to the team.

These are just guys who will be fighting to fill out roster spots 40-42 or a practice roster spot. They are training camp bodies. That's it.

Yep. Wladichuk will make the team if his ST play is as good as last year's camp. Morencie might squeak on if Gagne-Marcoux goes to FA (likely, he's starter-capable and not going to start here), but more likely back on PR. Valberg may shock everyone, but most likely he's a PR AT BEST.

And the guy who said sign Branagan, seriously, please...he'd make Stephen Reaves look like Ron Lancaster out there.

OB explains it well, along with his assessments of Morencie and Wladichuk, in the "Ticats Media" section with a telephone report from the East-West Shrine Game practices in Orlando.

Mr Chris Bauman........... Bad hands good speed! :lol:

I doubt that's the attitude from Obie, Marcel or the players, that they are destined to be training camp bodies. Let the competition on the field of play determine that. I think the chances are small that they will all start and receive all-star selections but having a plan to add depth, competition and grooming backups & practice roster players (who ever they are) over time to fill in when a starter goes down and not have a steep drop off in play is a smart strategy. A couple examples of this that come to mind are DeAndra' Cobb being a 4th string RB at training camp then starting most of the season, Shea Emry coming out of the CIS and starting in his first year at MLB for the Als or Simeon Rottier understudying and filling in when injuries to starters happened. If they or their coaches believed they were only good enough to be training camp fodder they wouldn't have gotten to where they did in 2009.

Isn't that what roster spots 40-42 and practice roster spots are? They are to help build depth.

The problem is that on this forum we over analyze every move made by the Cats. We grasp at straws to make these guys better than what they are.

Are their diamonds in the rough? Yes.

As for Rottier, we drafted him 1st overall. Shouldn't he be starting? High draft picks need to be playing so that's a bad example.

You sign these free agents to see if they have anything. Odds are they will be on special teams or as a back up. You don't know what you got before you try them out.

If 1 out of 3 makes this team and if another one makes the PR, it will be encouraging.

I'm sorry to be so realistic. Do you think that these 3 guys are going to win us the Grey Cup or play a huge role for us this year? Not in the least bit. These guys are bodies that we are going to try out. That's it.

Actually I don't think Rottier should be starting. We don't need him to start right now. We have solid guys in front of him which will allow him to develop.

I don't know a lot about Morencie and the other guy, but I have seen Wladichuk and he is a good addition to the team. I'm glad he's back.

With your last post, Allan I would agree with you. Your comment about over analyzing everything is what makes these forums fun, especially during the lull of the offseason where there's not a lot of CFL news right now.

Usually No rookies in any league dominate, but after listening to Obie talk about the 3 signing,s and considering that 1 of them IS the best receiver in CIS the last two season,s. I think its FAIR to say that ALL three will have successful CFL careers, and will help the Ti cats take another step toward,s a Grey Cup. Oskee wee wee!!