Ticats Sign 2006 Second Round Pick Jermaine Reid

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that they have added yet another key component of the team’s future by signing 2006 second round draft pick Jermaine Reid.

Jermaine Reid Bio

Press release

Great signing. We sure do have a lot of young Canadian talent on our roster.

Another Great Signing ..
The Canadian Depth on this team is Unreal.
Congrats to Football Ops on this one..

I have nothing but praise for Marcel Desjardins and what he has been doing with our defensive line! To add N.M.L, sign Jermaine REID, and draft J.P. BEKASIAK are huge and show a dedication towards not only building for the future with young athletic Canadians, but also show discipline by not going out and signing an American who's best years are behind him. The future of our defensive front is looking very solid, cant wait to see these guys on the field.

Agree with other posts. Can you foresee two all-Canadian lines? Or close to it?

How far we've come - less than a year ago, people were talking about re-signing Montford!


Awesome competition on the D-Line. Can't wait to see Reid take Damon Allen's head off.

How funny is the 'Americanized Tiger-Cats' Ken Peters was talking about in an article over a month back looking now?

well the LB and secondary r almost all american so far so he does make a point

Nice work by Ticat GM Marcel Desjardins in getting Jermaine Reid signed. He is a versatile defensive lineman who played defensive end and defensive tackle during his college career at Akron. The Ticats' Canadian depth is improving steadily.

I was hoping I’d get to hear this would happen soon. I have looked forward to seeing Reid play for this team since the time he was drafted. And you can see that for yourself in Google’s cache of archive.ticats.ca (which now seems to be down.) You can click here to see what was said about him when he was drafted.

And Desjardins may have said it best when he said this:

“It gives us the potential, if we wanted, to start three Canadians on the defensive line,” Ticats GM Marcel Desjardins said.

“He is a player who is going to play in this league for as long as he wants. He is a guy who can contribute right away. He just makes us better overall.”