TiCats shut out of pre season TV

TSN and TSN2's CFL pre-season broadcast schedule is as follows:
• Monday, June 9 – Toronto at Winnipeg at 8:30pm et/5:30pm pt on TSN
• Friday, June 13 – B.C. at Edmonton at 9pm et/6pm pt on TSN
• Saturday, June 14 – Ottawa at Saskatchewan at 6pm et/3pm pt on TSN2
• Saturday, June 14 – Winnipeg at Calgary at 9pm et/6pm pt on TSN2
• Friday, June 20 – Ottawa at Montreal at 7pm et/4pm pt on TSN
• Friday, June 20 – Calgary at B.C. at 10pm et/7pm pt on TSN

Disappointing - :expressionless:

Is there some stated reason? It makes no sense to me that one team is shutout completely. Secondly, I know someone knows the answer so please explain why CHCH doesn't show one or both of these games?

Not sure why one of the 2 games from Ottawa, Winnipig or Calgary could not be switched out for the Cats... wow... :thdn:

In the past, Cable 14 usually televised the pre-season home game so this may be the case this year. As for the away game in Toronto, don't forget that it is being held at Varsity Stadium which doesn't have ideal lighting for a night game so this may be a major reason why TSN declined to show this game.

Perhaps the Cats and Cable 14 will partner again to televise the Jun 14 home preseason game (vs Als) as they did last season vs the Bombers in Guelph.
For a community channel, the broadcast was well done including decent commentary and interviews.

and it would be great if Rogers Community Cable in Toronto could similarly televise the June 19 pre-season game vs the Argos in TO.

not holding my breath on that one however..

The Cats playing out of 6 thousand seater at Mac, might have had something to do with it. I seem to recall they did the same this last year when the Argos played out of Varsity.

TSN holds the rights to all games, I'm sure that approving a local cable vision broadcast for a home game is not a problem. But I don't think that TSN would allow CHCH to broadcast since CHCH is broadcast right across Canada.


Yes last season CHCH cable 14 did show the Cats home game locally in Guelph.
They already do MAC games so they already have the broadcst set up and broadcast crew in place and I am sure they will do it again.
As for the game at Varsity they could do the same as last season having the game at Nearby Guelph Varsity is also nearby.
The fact that both games are being played at their local CIS stadium is likley the reason no cats games are being televised on National TSN.
Now if they would have done something special like hosting their pre season game at TD Waterhouse at Western the CFL would likely made a big deal about it since it is in a non CFL city, SImilar to EDM having to move its pre season game to Fort mcMurray in 2015 the novelty will make it to TSN broadcasts.

Toronto, who now holds training camp at York, may play their pre season game there next year before the Pan Am games. The veneu will be done way in advance of the Pan Am and want some events at the stadium before the Pan Am games. This again would be a novelty that TSN would be intersted in televising since it is out of the city of Toronto and in the GTA burbs.

No stated reason and I didn't get a response when I politely tweeted both TSN and the CFL asking why :lol:

I'm ticked because that means I won't see any preseason football. Obviously didn't win the "lottery" for the Mac game and now the TOR game isn't on. We are the only team who don't get one on TV and 4 other teams get both. Let's be honest, does anyone REALLY want to see both WPG games? :wink:

But on the positive side BOTH Ottawa games are televised and you will get to see Burris and the other ex-Ticats play in pre-season............... :thup:

IMO not gonna lose any sleep over it the games to watch are first week in july when it counts