Ticats Shut out of CFL Top 20 Players on TSN

No Ticats Cracked the Top 20 on the TSN Top 50 CFL Players this year.

Top50: 46 - Cobourne / 39 - Knowlton / 34 - C. Williams / 32 - Burris / 28 - R. Williams / 25 - Fantuz / 22 - Johnson

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Medlock may have cracked the top ten if still with the team.
And Burris definitely has something to prove, as he went from #2 in 2011 to #32 this year.

not to worry, as these lists can be a great motivator to those who feel slighted.


Top 50 List.


How do you not have the CFL rookie of the year near the top 10??????

You honestly believe that Chris Williams is a top 10 or 15 player? I like the guy, but I don't think he's that high. We've seen a lot of one-year wonders (cough Prechae Rodriguez cough), so I think Williams will need a repeat performance to deserve placement among the 10 or 15 best.

I actually only have two problems with the list. For one, the fact that Andre Durie wasn't on the list is criminal. Durie is definitely one of the 50 best in the league. And secondly, Chad Owens is ranked way too high. He's a great returner and a completly mediocre receiver. I wouldn't even rank him as one of the 30 best, let alone a guy to put in the top 15.

Where the Hamilton players placed made sense. Maybe JJ should have been higher, but other than that, I think the Cats were represented well. If Hickman and Medlock stay, they probably get on the list; if Hage stays healthy, he's on the list too. I think the list next year will feature a lot of Tiger-Cats in the top 20, with a few in the top 10.

Blogskee wee wee wrote:

"You honestly believe that Chris Williams is a top 10 or 15 player? I like the guy, but I don't think he's that high. We've seen a lot of one-year wonders (cough Prechae Rodriguez cough), so I think Williams will need a repeat performance to deserve placement among the 10 or 15 best."

Yes, we have had the "one year wonders", and that's concerning, especially, the example you provided.

Others who have made a top ten position on this list are also reporting their first full season as well (Whitaker, Lulay)

Chris Williams stats for 2011

catches yards Avg Longest TD Games Played

70 1,064 15.2 71 6 15

Fred Stamps stats for 2011

81 1,153 14.1 75 8 15

The stats. other than the number of catches, are pretty similar, yet Stamps made the top 10 and Chris landed at number 34. Williams was also an eastern all star and CFL rookie of the year. Conversely to what you suggest, I think it's pretty impressive that Chris in his first year posted numbers pretty close to a veteran whose knew his competition and the league much better.

I'm not suggesting that Chris Williams should be in the top ten, but with his comparable stats and the recognition he received in the league after last season, he certainly deserved a MUCH better placing than he got.

Lulay won MOP, the Grey Cup and Grey Cup MVP last year. Plus, he's a QB and they always get ranked very high -- see Darian Durant at No. 3 last year, which was ludicrously high -- and even after just one season, it is impossible to argue that Lulay isn't one of the five best. Whitaker led the league in rushing and total yards; if Williams had led the league in receiving yards last year, he would have been ranked in the top 10.

Also, the 2010 top rookie was Solomon Elimimian and he was ranked 24th on the 2011 list. So Williams at 34th falls pretty close to that mark.

Fred Stamps posted those stats in 15 games and did so after missing time because he lost a testicle. I'd rank the dude higher just based on the latter! Also, Stamps is a proven commodity with three straight seasons with 80 or more catches and three straight seasons over 1,150 yards. Also, if the team was offered Fred Stamps for Chris Williams right now, they'd make the trade. Everything else being equal (meaning no worries about the cap or fitting a player in) if you'd trade one player for the other, that makes the first player a better player. I am a Chris Williams fan, but he's not up there with Stamps just yet.

If he puts up 70-plus catches, goes for over 1,000 yards and tallies between 6-9 TDs, then he will be much higher next year. After one year, I think being ranked the 34th best player in the entire league is pretty darn good.

Williams still produced those impressive numbers even though he missed a few games due to injury, and was not a starter until the 2nd or 3rd game of the season I believe.

If Chris played in all 18 contests, prorated numbers would have been:
84 catches
1,279 yds
7.2 TD's

He may be capable of a 1,400+ season in the near future, although Burris will likely spread the wealth around due to the assortment of talent available this season.

Ample choices for Smilin' Hank.

Takes a bit of time to get recognized outside your home market. I would not sweat it.

I wasn't suggesting that Lulay and Whitaker are not deserving of their top 10 ranking, just that they haven't been starters for long either. So, their track record is somewhat limited as well. I watched the Grey cup game, and the other regular season games, so I saw for myself what Lulay accomplished. I agree. But, if we use the qualifier that you must be a starter in the league for some years, then shouldn't Cavillo place ahead of him.

As far as what Stamps did, Williams played only 15 games as well, I noted that in the chart. But, being recognized by the league as an all star and rookie of the year, means that what Chris did was more than just good, but rather extraordinary. Certainly merits more than 34th place.

You do raise some good points, Blogskee. I guess we'll agree to disagree.

P.S....Not sure if those assembling this list, took Fred's medical problem into consideration.

Losing a testicle isn't especially impressive. However, finishing out the game in which you incurred said injury is impressive, as is only missing three subsequent games. That takes ... well, rhymes with walls. (but singular, I guess)

It's interesting to note that, of the 7 ticats who made the list, one isn't considered good enough to start for us (Knowlton), and the other was not even the team's plans until an injury arose (Cobourne).

Most intriguing piece of information, ExPat.

I guess it demonstrates just how precarious a starter's position is in this league.

And if Thigpen, Medlock and Hickman don't go to the NFL then we have 10 players on the list.

Kudos to old fan for his boisterous support of Chris Williams at the start of the season. I recall thinking at the time that it might be a little premature to rank him in the top 10. But if the vote were taken today, I can't imagine him not being among that group.

If a new poll were taken today, Williams may be in the top 3, if not closer to #1

He was ahead of the rest of us (or at least me), that's for sure. Williams would easily be in the top 10, if not top five or top three. I think the top three, in some order, based on the season so far would be Anthony Calvillo, Chris Williams and J.C. Sherritt.

But the poll was from based upon the 2011 season "TSN has unveiled the CFL's Top 50 Players heading INTO the 2012 season"
It's meaningless today, for the 2012 season I would have to put Williams near the top and Burris too with his stats so far this season.