ticats should sighn good playors

Ticats you should sighn good playors like ben cahoon playors like that it whould really help your team out and you might win more games so pleaze right me back and tell me what you think thanks JAKE MCFADDEN.

Only wish it was that easy, the business of sports doesn't work that way. Ben Cahoon is a great player but he plays for the Als who would never let him go, he is too valuable a player.

We need to sign a new crop of "DiPietros, Henleys, Barrows, Moscas, Zatylnys, Flemings, Zugers and Coffeys.......guys who want to keep the Tiger-Cat tradition alive...

And in keeping with that thought, I'd be very wary of getting rid of Coaches Reed and McPhee......these two guys "get it" and totally respect the Tiger-Cat tradition of smash-mouth football on the defensive side.....they know their Hamilton Tiger-Cat history and try to instill that in their players....the new head coach should be very careful and give the defensive coaches we already have very careful consideration....they've held their own with awful offenses out there in my opinion...

"Well, that's all I have to say about that"

-Forrest Gump-

mikey, I have to disagree. I blame Kavis for not putting in Bradley early season and starting Martin. We got burned SO MANY TIMES because of that guy, how can you justify that personel decision? I also do not believe that Reed plays an in your face style defense, his defense is along the lines of "bend but dont break." I like my defense to do neither, or as it might be called, the Sudsy D.

I’m going to have to agree with ticatsrockdpl on this point. For I too think we should sign good players.


it all makes sense now!!!

I think we do have good players,this team just needs some direction.We've been in turmoil since week 3 of the season.
I hope and I mean I hope when I say I believe Maas is playing with an injury all season,and will come back next year and set the record straight.
We need a safety on D.F.
We need to utilize our F.B. better,we all no Julian is better than he played this year.
We need to make Brock Ralph a starter on O.F. Ibelieve he is much better than we seen this year.
I believe Lumsden will have a big part on our success next year to.
I think our S.T. is as good as anyones in the league...
Last but not least new coaches all the way through..

There is nobody in this forum that can tell me last off season you didnt believe we were gonna have a really good team.We have the team to compete with any team in this league.We just need to get rid of the players who are along for a free ride.

I think I covered everything!!!!!!!!!!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Passing on DeAngelis was IMO the most blatent non-signing in recent memory by the Cats.

Sudsy's defence involves a LOT of zone. So much so that one year we played so much zone that all we did was 4 man rush and we didn't get much pressure even with the likes of Montford. So the next year Sudsy and Lancaster sat down and made a conscious decision to blitz more and that worked better. I like Sudsy too but his defence is by no means perfect.

Sudsy's defences also had either O'Shea or Tiggle at MLB, Montford & Hitch in their prime and Eric Carter, Gerald Vaugn and Orlando Steinhuer in the defensive backfield to name a few of the stars we had.

What am I saying? Sudsy had a lot of all-star talent at his disposal and he used it well.

Fumbleroski wrote:

Passing on DeAngelis was IMO the most blatent non-signing in recent memory by the Cats.
To be fair to the Ticats, when DeAngelis called them in 2004, he had not yet demonstrated the placekicking talent that he has subsequently shown. He had a college career field goal percentage of 46.7% at University of Nebraska. In the 2005 CFL Canadian Draft, he was not selected by any team (not even by the Calgary Stampeders, the team he plays for now). He has obviously improved his placekicking talents and increased his marketability since then.

"We need to sign a new crop of "DiPietros, Henleys, Barrows, Moscas, Zatylnys, Flemings, Zugers and Coffeys.......guys who want to keep the Tiger-Cat tradition alive... "

Mikey, I thought that there was only ONE Mosca, Zatylny, Zuger, etc that played for Hamilton?

Talking about players in the the plural sounds quite stupid in my opinion. I wish sportscasters and others wouldnt do it. It doesnt sound 'cool', it sounds stupid.

but what do you really think willy?? lol.

ya, i never really got into using that… tense… (i think its a tense… might not be… perhaps some sort of fancy metaphor type thing)

it kinda annoyed me when i was a kid and people said it… now i just shrug it off.

Sutherin was the king of the BEND BUT DONT BREAK DEFENSE !!!!

I seem to recall a lot of 2 and outs.

Perhaps I live in my own little fantasy world. My point is that I just plain don't like Kavis Reed's style of defense... maybe it's his personel, but how many games has this guy cost us this year? I think there are at least 4. All the games Martin started... the calgary game where he played THE MOST REDICULOUS prevent defense that I have ever seen.

Before I say anything else, I too want to declare that - no matter what anybody else may think or argue - the 'Cats should sign good players. There, I've said it. It's out in the open. I feel much better.


P.S. I'm not a big fan of the prevent defence but I think it may be the prejudice of the fan that likes to see the big hitting play and who forgets that the final score is what matters.

Ticats should actually recruit some good players rather than signing free agents from other teams. The calibre of player through out the league needs to be improved. Too many cuts from other teams just go somewhere else in the CFL to play. Some work out but the most are just clingons.

All he wanted to do was to have a try-out with the team he idolized as a kid. It wouldn't have cost the Cats a draft pick. Even at a 46.7% field goal success rate at a major Division I school, I would have given this non-import a look-see cause what the team has is nothing to be complacent about. Better to be proactive than reactive.

They still won't say who wouldnt give him a tryout...


Nah... probably the senior advisor Lancaster lol



I don't mind signing a free agent that another team actually wanted back. The strategy I'm not so kean on is bringing in a bunch of backups from other teams to serve as our starters. I don't think it's too difficult to see why this results in an uncompetitive team.