Ticats should Advertise in Buffalo

If there is a lockout, hard marketing to the NFL/Bills fans on the Canadian side of the border would be more then reasonable and is where the TiCats focus should be. Forget western New York, there is nothing to be gained there long term. IMO

How about, instead of advertising in Buffalo, a place whose fans aren’t likely to consistently make the trip once this strike is over, the Cats devote their resources to St. Catharines, Burlington and Brantford. Places that would likely still watch CFL ball once the strike is over. Setup some kind of ticket/bus trip with a popular local bar.

The cats need to do a better job marketing in all those areas listed above. Saying that it doesn't mean they cant also market into Buffalo.

How about marketing to the Region of Waterloo first, and see how that goes....

Here's the (possibly somewhat outdated) population data for Hamilton all adjacent municipalities or regions:

Hamilton, 505,000
Waterloo region, 478,121
Niagara region, 427,421
Halton region, 439,526
Brantford/Brant County, 125,136
Wellington County (includes Guelph) 200,425
Haldimand county, 45,212

That makes for a total population of 2,220,841 people who don't need passports to come see the TiCats, and who can follow the team as long as they have cable. That's a pretty sizable chunk of people and more than big enough to support the team. This is where I think the priorities should be.

If you meet folks in Buffalo who are interested, give them the number to the ticket office and the address of the TiCat website. That's a pretty good place to start. If you're comfortable with it, give them your email address or something and offer to show them around town in the event that they do come. If you think it takes just one person to get things going, take the initiative yourself and see where that takes you.

If they wanna pay me sure...
I rep the cats like crazy every where I go and I make sure people know about them, but im not from Buffalo and I dont plan on going down there to market for them. I get what your saying about the Hamilton area being huge and needing more attention and its true. The cats get next to no attention outside of Hamilton and the marketing department needs to change that.

Interesting discussion, I walk around Hamilton with my Ticats stuff on, and I do, and I see other Ticats fans with their stuff on and Bills fans with their stuff on. Ok, us Ticats fans are smarter, we realize our team is right here in Hamilton that we know is our city and we like to support our Hammer and spend money in our Hammer and vie for our Canadian trophy, the everlasting iconic Grey Cup, but Bills and Ticats should go together somewhat (that being said, I'm a Vikes fan first and foremost in the NFL because of my history way back with the Purple People Eaters etc.)

Bob and Ralph should get together, I agree but my bet is Ralph is arrogant ie. I own a "big" NFL team so screw you BY. But that's just the way I see it since I saw old Ralphie banging it up with the late Ted Rogers for the "Bills thingy in Toronto" and we're going to charge huge prices for tickets and screw all you NFL fans in Canada because well, you're just ripe for the old pickin, NFL style... :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course Leaf fans are the biggest suckers and Ted and Ralph thought... but have to give Leaf sucker fans a bit of credit, they didn't jump right in overboard with their wallets, good on them.

Oops. Sorry. I guess I was responding more to the OP about meeting people when he went to games. If you happen to run into somebody who's interested, but doesn't know where to start, the simplest thing to do is tell him where to get tickets and more info on the team. I wouldn't expect someone who's just a fan to make a special trip for that reason, though.

But never in a year when there hasn't been a competing NFL season. That is the point.

Something tells me the team might already be looking into this.

Players strike in 1982. Sept-Nov.
NBC televised CFL games with network announcers.
Result ?
Curiosity, then yawns, Even with the high-flying offenses in those days.
No bus loads or carloads from Buf. coming to HAM or TOR.
Same as it always has been same as it always will be.

If HAM or any CFL team is looking to exploit the lockout it will be through TV exposure via a deal worked out by Cohon and BOG.

We have to do more to market the Ticats in southern Ontario - there is a HUGE market out there and people with lots of money to spend. We can only attract around 21,000 fans, do you realize that is only about 7,000 families!!!

Another 3,000 families can give you 6,000 to 9,000 fans.

Oops, forgot about that. Definitely a very similar situation.

Any idea whether the team tried aggressively advertising in the Buffalo area that year? If they did and there weren't any significant numbers of people driving up from Buffalo as a result, then your point is made.

Point has been made every minute of every season the CFL and NFL has been in business.
Buffalo football fans couldn't care less about HAM or the CFL never mind pay for a ticket and travel to see it.They've never done it and never will.
A few might watch it on TV if there's nothing else, maybe.

you sure know alot about the people in Buffalo, I love how you can tell me exactly what they will and wont do. This is about getting the ticat name and brand out there, having people know who you are is huge. and comparing this to something that happened in 1982 is crazy things are nothing like they were back then.

You don't have to "know" them just look at what they do or don't do.

Over the CFL's entire existence no significant numbers of people from Buffalo have ever travelled to HAM to watch CFL games and there is absolutely no evidence to even suggest they ever will.

You want to live in a fantasy land ? I can't stop you. You want an intelligent discussion ? then come back to reality.

I don't know if it's a good idea or not. I've never known more than one or two Americans who have had much curiosity about Canadian football, much less interest in it. Relatively few Americans have passports (under 30% by most estimates I've seen), which would reduce whatever potential market might be identified. This doesn't mean it's not worth a shot in the right circumstances, but I wouldn't invest a lot of marketing money in this initiative.

What you are saying makes no sense...
Yes we all realize people from Buffalo don't come down to watch the CFL. The cats have never tried to get them to come down though and with a possible lockout now would be the time. I dont know what fantasy land your talking about because I know your not going to fill a stadium with Americans but I have no clue why you have such a hard time thinking people might come down.

I met a guy from Buffalo looking through the fence at a Tiger Cat practice last year.

He was on his day off and his girlfriend in St. Catharines was working days.

I invited him to come in and he sat with me and a few of the regular practice goers.

He couldn't believe you could just walk in to the stadium.

He said you would never get so close to NFL players.

He told me he was always a great NCAA football fan

and he happened to see CFL football on TV

and he noticed so players who he had followed
when they played football at US college schools.

That got him interested enough in the CFL to come to a Ticat game,
he told me last year he went to almost every Tiger Cat home game.

After practice, I introduced him to Danny Mc Manus.

He remembered Danny from his US college days in Florida
and they talked about US college football for quite a while.

Does anyone think that he won't remember that?

That's how you win over fans..to our league...

bit by bit one person at a time.

Your 100% correct Mak_ There are more revenue op,s available, just gotta do some digging. Minor football programs and other minor sports programs would be one or more avenues to promoting the Ticats and the CFL, Be it in Western N.Y or North America!! some promo applications are insentive tickets for sponsorship achievment for kids or team trip packages?

I beleive these types of things helped Paul Beaston get on Blue Jays wall of fame?

Quote from Woody:

I think we will probably see some Bills fans over here. A little bit of advertising is probably in order.
Exactly. :thup: