Ticats should Advertise in Buffalo

With the imposing NFL lock-out eminent. Ticats should jump on advertising train across the border. Bills fans would love to come down but have little to no idea about our league. At least most of them. I've been down for a few games and when the topic of the Cats and the CFL come up with local fans, they are interested but yet again have no clue how jump on board.
As you may already know they also love to tailgate. Unlike Toronto, we can accommodate that for them. Hear is an interesting topic that i found from the L.A. times. What do you think?

Cats can't afford to miss this!!

[url=http://www.latimes.com/sports/sns-rt-sports-us-nfl-cfltre72m9bw-20110323,0,2010943.story]http://www.latimes.com/sports/sns-rt-sp ... 0943.story[/url]

Sure, advertise in Buffalo just like the Bills advertise in The Spec, no problem. But bottom line is the basis for the Cats is Hamilton and immediate area, few Americans are going to come here with all the college ball there, heck, even without the NFL there is an abundance of football with rules that they know.

thats one of the problems with the people who market the team they think just like you :roll:

Ditto MaK _ gotta start somewhere!

Honestly all it takes is one kid getting his father or friend to come down with him. If they like it they will talk about it and tell everyone they know and thats the kind of thing you need.

Fair enough guys and hopefully you're right, I guess the proof could be in the pudding if it comes about with a lockout.

Can't even avg. over 25 thousand from people around here but you think people from another country will come ?

Relatively few Bills fans bother to go to TOR to see the NFL and their own club never mind a country, city and brand of football they couldn't care less about.

Give your head a shake.

if I recall. Bob Young had some sort of a parnership with the Bills in the works not too long ago. I haven't heard too much about it since.

The Rochester area would be a good place to draw fans from .

Maybe the CFL could partner with Tourism Ontario to get some promotional stuff in the Niagara Falls tourism booths.

Deer Hunter Nick Charile Banner :thup:


Bills fans didn't go to Toronto because the prices were sky high...

Wish people from around here would worry about themselves buying tickets than some half baked idea of americans doing it.

It's complete fantasy.

wtf are you talking about :roll:
99 % of the people on here have season tickets or go to as many games as possible. The cats already advertise here, ya they could do alot better of a job but people around here know what ticat football is and they make the choice not to go. No one is saying lets spend millions on advertising in Buffalo but its a pretty good idea to spend some if there’s going to be a lockout. Maby you dont understand it but for an advertising campaign to be successful over there it doesn’t need to bring in a ton of people if it gets the cats exposure and a few people coming down its a success.

Ask Young if he thinks there's success in a "few" people.

If you use a few people in the context I used it then ya I’m sure he would say its successful. People talk, If a kid made it down to a game and had a great time is he going to tell his friends?

No offense but I'll believe that load of pablum when I hear it from Young or Mitchell.

This from the guy that seems to never have anything good to say about Young or Mitchell. :roll:

I think we will probably see some Bills fans over here. A little bit of advertising is probably in order. As evidenced by the article at the start of this thread, there is some interest in the States. Any new butts in the seats would be welcome. :wink:

you’ll believe what when you hear it from Young and Mitchell?
I don’t even know what your point is, are you saying no one will come or are you saying only a small amount will so its a waste of time?

Point is this :
Advertising there is a complete and utter waste of time and money because there is no market there.

There are zero ties to this city or team or league from a Buffalo football fan's perspective . An oldtimer that can remember the old AFL vs CFL games is a quaint notion but that deosnt mean there's a market there.

CFL has been around forever and even had US based teams and it has been on US tv off and on for decades and there is no evidence there is even a remote market for paying fans from NY State for the Hamilton Tiger Cats in which to justify paying for advertising.

It's a silly, feel good idea vs. business case realism.

As far as the lockout is concerned hopefully ESPN etc. will carry some games maybe get an audience to generate a TV contract in which the league could get a bit of money. That's all one can really hope for.

It's super to think nice things like there is some vast untapped market somewhere but how about getting people from here buying tickets ?

Now theres an idea.

Now I'm thinking your either stupid or not reading any of the posts in here besides yours :roll:
When did I say there was a vast untapped market? I'm not being silly I know your not going to get tons of fans coming in from Buffalo to see the cats play. Like I said in my earlier post I think if you can start small and get a few people down here that's a success. there are ways of marketing that don't cost a ton of money.

As for the point about there being no ties to the CFL, Hamilton or the Cats in Buffalo that's exactly why you are marketing. You don't go after the older crowd you target a younger generation high schools and colleges.

Depending where in western New York you are the drive is between an hour and 90 minutes. An easy way to get college kids to come is remind them the legal drinking age in Ontario is 19 :stuck_out_tongue: