Ticats Should add Simeon Rice to Neg list

Yes I know He is old But even has any Gas left he be better Then any of our DE's
He was great Speed to out side and NFL Team have stopped calling .
Rice has been working out looking for a NFL Shot
What Harm would it cause adding Rice to our neg list and maybe Bring him to camp

Great idea! Let's add Bruce Smith and Howie Long, too!

And Dexter Manley and Mark Gastineau too.


I think at his age, he wouldnt come to the CFL.

If i remember right, the dancing with the stars guy…aka warren sapp, played with rice at miami. long time ago…

[url=http://fantasyfootball.usatoday.com/content/player.asp?sport=nfl&id=256]http://fantasyfootball.usatoday.com/con ... nfl&id=256[/url]

Yes Rice is 34 But He still better then any thing we have
Free agent Simeon Rice says his shoulder is "100 percent" and is working to make a comeback.
Rice, 34, is being filmed by a TV crew interested in turning his story into a reality show. He plans to run at his alma mater Illinois' Pro Day. Rice has talked with Lions coach Rod Marinelli, who isn't one to turn down ex-Bucs.

While we're at it, let's name Onknight as our new Defensive Coordinator replacing Creehan.

Too bad I coach Offence lol
Going back to Coaching Minor league ball this year

You obviously just watched E60, but I think he would be a good fit. He has the right size, 260 lbs, and is fast. He could make a good year for us, but i really doubt he would come and "settle" with the CFL, he has too much pride.

I watched E60 as well the other nite and was going to post the same topic.

Onknight is right. He is better than anything that we have. Even if he only played for a year or two, our young players would see what a pass rush looks like.

I don't think he would come up here for 10% of what he was making in the NFL.

First of all, how do you know he wants to come to Canada?

No one said he did.

That's why you put him on your Neg. List.

Soooo...if anyone up here can sign him...it would have to be us.

Careful there Onknight, you’re getting into Argo territory. :slight_smile:

there are probably at least 100 former NFL players who have had some success in States that we could add to our negotiation list - they aren't coming up north

cmon guys - let's be realistic - adding someone like Rice would be nothing but a publicity stunt (getting our names on the Score's bottom line)

That was Jason taylor

He Not Dexter Manly …
If the NFL Door Keep Closed He maybe open to a CFL Tryout Sign him to 1 + 1 Deal
Get him into camp see what has left… if it’s nothing then we lose nothing
But IMO He could be as good as Cam Wake once he learns the CFL Rules.

I assume you mean that the Ticats should contact him and his agent first
to see if he would have any interest at all in coming up to Canada .

The negotiation list is precious. Only 35 players can be placed on it.

As a big Argo fan, I must say this is true…although the Argos have expanded their search for players by signing Ti-Cat castoffs last season…

Two Teams Did well with Ticat Cast Offs…
There where Saskatchewan 2007 Grey Cup Champs and 2008 Champs From Calgary

Don’t forget the Eskimos from ??? 2004 or 2005??? When we sent them Davis and Montford etc etc. and essentially guaranteed them the cup.