TiCats (shallow)Depth Chart vrs MTL

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In for the #Ticats vs #AlsMtl: LB @Mr_Raymond25 @speedybanks87, RECs Tyms & Chiles, RB Woodson, LB Hughes, DLs Gill & Johnson. #CFL

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#Ticats sitting @Simoni_Lawrence, @ADTrac5, E. Davis, Plesius, Atkinson. Lawrence, Girard out too. And @andyfantuz

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One other interesting #Ticats line up note: Mathews listed as the No. 2 QB behind @ZCollaros7 instead of @JeremiahMasoli8. #AlsMtl #CFL

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Referee for Saturday’s #Ticats game against #AlsMtl... wait... it’s coming... let it build up... ok, deep breath... Andre Proulx!!! #CFL

FIXED! Thanks bobo

Should be interesting to see the guys play. I hope Zack has a quick successful start and quickly gets pulled.
As far as refereeing goes, I think Proulx has become on of the better referees. One mistake was not pushing his view on the catch, then fumble play. I guess he could have overridden the other officials and didn't. He was right that it was a catch. The league again apologized at the erroneous call. Proulx should have stood up to them during the game. I would think a lesson learned.
He cannot be held accountable for all flags throw by the other officials.

Looks like MTL is the only team in the League dressing all their starters this week! :frowning:

Hey Grover ,you've posted the wrong depth chart. It's from last weeks game against the Eskimos . The depth chart for tomorrows game is posted below. It looks a little bit different as you can see. On defence : The Line: no Laurent(2nd string),Atkinson or Tracy replaced by Capicciotti, Nevis and Johnson. Linebackers: Lawrence listed at 3rd string Wells starting, Dean listed 2nd string at MIKE, Raymond back and starting at SLB , no Plesius at all , Terrell Davis starting at MIKE. Backfield : Robinson starts at safety over E.Davis , C.Davis replaces Adams at corner.

On Offence : Quarterbacks: Masoli listed as 3rd string behind Mathews. Receivers : M.Jones starting with Toliver backing up , Chiles starting with Tyms backing up, Banks back from suspension backing up Collins and replacing Lawrence on p/kr and of course no Andy :cry: . Woodson back on the roster as 3rd string at rb. And finally on the O-Line: Dyakowski starts over Revenberg at LG and Girard not dressing. Phew !!! I think that's it , if I missed anybody or anything let me know. :slight_smile: .......Also it looks like if my count is right that the 2 game day scratches will be imports, my guess is that it's Toliver and Simoni or perhaps even Gable sitting this one out.

00Brooks is starting this week?? That's awesome news I thought that was gonna be serious..

The tough guy assh@le in me wants to just shake my head in shame at the like 25 guys injured right now (most of which noone even saw get hurt) and tell them this guy got carted off the field straight to hospital last week and he's out there this week starting, suck it up boys and play some ball!!

I'm pretty sure the players remaining on the injured list who should be playing are truly injured and cannot play at this time. Don't think it's a case of "suck it up" and play some ball.

That's because their first stringers are on the same level as everyone else's second stringers...

Oh Boy!! I posted this one to begin with, but I replaced it with a nice shiny old one by accident. :oops: :oops: :oops:
Oh well, another one of my many senior moments. :lol:
Thank you for correcting bobo. I have fixed it now :wink:

Hopefully they can play well, and get the win. And hopefully there's a good crowd that gets into it. I'm taking my mom to her first football game ever for her birthday, and i want her to see what a great time it is :rockin:

Yes, of course, because your team has been on such a roll recently and has a vastly better record...

Touché. On the other hand, our second stringers ARE our starters, by necessity.

Sure, and I get that totally. You guys have had lots of injuries, and we're just trying to close out the season without injuries. But cheap shots about our talent level are just that: cheap, especially coming a fan of a team with a whole one win more than the Als and which is providing a textbook dictionary definition of "backing into the playoffs."

Ouch! I could see that one coming. Well deserved too.

I think we can all agree that the east, as a division, is deserving of no accolades this year (though I do feel that a healthy Hamilton team would definitely be better than what we're seeing now). And as you and I know, a poor season doesn't necessarily mean the talent's uniformly bad across the board...

That’s what I thought I saw his name on the depth chart. Great to see that Brooks is fine after what happened last week.

In this game, I’d like to see starters like Collaros, Gable, and maybe Chick play less than a half as we can’t afford injuries to players like them. I’d like the players who wouldn’t be starting if it weren’t for injuries to starters to play like starters. Four members of our 2016 draft class may really get to show what they can do with Jones and T. Davis starting, and Revenberg and Timmis also listed there.

I also want to see Maher start to look reliable again on FG attempts.

This team has a three game win streak against Montreal. And each of those three games, we had a different QB play. And I would like all three of those QBs who can already say they were recently used at QB for a win against Montreal to help make it a four game win streak. It would be good to end this regular season on a positive note before taking on Edmonton in the EDSF.

Absolutely agreed.

HA HA HA HA. Nice Als-splaining there. Typical. Do not rebut the premise just attack everyone else. Basically, you said "Yeah but, you suck and your cheap for speaking truth."

If truth causes you so much butt-hurt, perhaps the internet is not for you.

Chiles is bringing it this guy is a keeper

Two things that I would like to correct: (1) Mercer Timmis is our Canadian running back, not Bryan Tyme. Come on man(Drew Edwards)! (2) The television audience gets to listen to the wisdom of Miller / Dunigan again . To the TSN Network I would say "Come on man!" Enough already! :frowning: :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

A thousand apologies to Drew Edwards. Brian Tyms is an American receiver on the practice squad. :oops:

Pat Lynch(the old demented guy)