TiCats shafted by complacent Ref

It was clear to see that the horse collar penalty leading to the BC touchdown was a complacent call as well as the non pass interference call on the TiCats screen pass.With BC also getting away with grabbing the hips of recievers and not being called
it's sad that yet again the Refs determined the outcome of a game.Are we paying to watch a Refs complacency just like years past?

I thought BC was barely deserving of the win. But I do agree the officiating was terrible and really hurt Hamilton.
Probably the worst officiated game this year imo.
Hard to say what the problem is short of the age old complaint that refs are too part time. But I do find this crew to often be in the midst of issues. I hope that Proulx's heart attack on the field (last year?) has not caused him to be too far behind the play.

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