ticats secondary worst in cfl

we have the worst secondary in the cfl by far.thats what we need next now we have a great qb and nxt team leader casey printers.

i know our d line is not amazing after mckay who is excellant and we need more presure we also need to find the right crew now and stop the revolving door at secondary.

in 1998 1999 we had a great secondary,also the 80s we where great.david shaw at cb pual bennet safety,howard wilkison db howard fields too.

the cfl is pass happy so its important to have a shut down ball hawk secondary . i hope the scouts are looking for talant right now.

i dont no where you have been but out secondary has been awful since like 2005

The pass rush aspect and the coverage capacity of a secondary are two mutually reinforcing elements to great defences. For me, our pass rush is very very inconsistent. Wayne stepped up yesterday, but it's pretty much a one-man gang in NML. We can't win without pressure.

We need another DB at least. The issue is time, although I'm not sold on Roberts.

Mimegate -- the O'Neil-Moreno imbroglio -- points to communication problems. If that isn't fixed, O'Neil will be out.

Oski Wee Wee,

our secondary has been awful longer than just 2005 lol,i know that.what im saying is we need players like we had in the great yrs.so our scouting needs to be improved for cornerbacks and defensive backs.

I was in the grocery store today and bought a box of Gordon-Toast. The guy gets burnt so much they have named a cracker after him.

Our pass rush gives opposing QB's all day to pick apart the secondary.

That said, I find it ridiculous that we are continuously rotating DB's in and out of positions. Isn't that what training camp is for? Out of TC, Karikari should have been safety, Cody should have been HB, and Bradley should have been one of the corners. None of those guys are playing where they should be.

And lately, Gordon is looking very bad. What has happened to this guy?

Bring in some new blood in the secondary. The current guys may have been good in their prime, however, we all slow down as we get a little older. Bring back some of the rookies that were cut prior to the season opener. I think mgmt & coaches really let some good guys go, based on past performances by the people they kept. That's probably the major reason these mgmt people & coaches are in the CFL & not in the NFL.

What prime? Who? Karikari? Cody? Cody isn't going anywhere except maybe back to defensive halfback if the safety experiment doesn't work out. RKK may get moved or released.

Beveridge gives us depth. A keeper who may wind up as our starter if he tempers the desire to make killshots every play and gets technically better -- as Hitch had to at a similar stage in his development.

Man, the rest of the secondary personnel needs a few more games to see if guys can get into a groove. Roberts and Gordon are questionable to me. Anderson and Tiller do look like keepers to me. Gauthier has potential but obviously needs more reps.

There. We need two to three new guys and soon if the ones I've pointed out don't get it together, IMHO. That being stated, our coordinator has to put these guys in better positions to win, since scheme-wise, we are not confusing/challenging anyone.

Oski Wee Wee,

Hamilton Tigercats= Worst secondary for 3-4 seasons now.

Its like there taught to give the WR/SB a 10yard custion basically allowing them to pick up a 1st down every pass attempt.