Ticats' second pre-season game will be in Guelph

While I don't see it in print, game time will be 7:30.


The league should consider this for preseason games, play them in smaller markets. It would expose the league across the country in new markets.

Places that could never support a team but may become fans... Like Quebec City, Brandon, Saskatoon, Toronto... Etc.


Maybe an idea for the Argos, have them tour across Ontario to the various universities for the Sept / Oct portion of their schedule as home games, maybe 3-4 per year.

Have to think it might be a similar atmosphere for homecoming weekend.

Serves two purposes, helps the Argos financially and exposes the CFL to 20-somethings who might be converted to fans.

Might even be an idea for all teams to play a university game every year.

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Didn't they do that a few years ago? Seemed fairly popular at the time.